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Star: Tenpai

Origin: Lelcar

Events: Sun Rune War

Position: Governor

Born: IS 420

Death: N/A

The leader of the Western Islet of Lelcar, Orok is an intimidating leader who, like most of the people of Lelcar, are at odds with the others for whatever reason. The people of the Western Islet generally followed the Godwin philosophy, and Orok did as well. Because of this, he brokered a deal with Zahhak to take care of drafting and taxes.

When Lord De Beers fled the Prince's advance, Orok convinced the ruler to let out his mansion to Orok, which he accepted. Orok's thugs bring the conscripted boys into the mansion, where they are drugged, but not physically harmed, until Zahhak can arrive to take them.

Orok knows that his position would make him seem an enemy to the others of Lelcar, but he knows there is no other choice. If Zahhak was allowed to do things directly, things would be a lot worse.

When the Prince arrives in Lelcar, he finds Orok and the conscripted boys. After the Prince defeats his hired bodyguard, Nikea, Orok relents and allows the Prince to take the boys. He leaves quickly to deal with Zahhak. Orok plans to say that he simply failed in his duties, but Zahhak knows the Prince is there, and orders his forces to attack. Orok protests that Zahhak promised to leave Lelcar be, but the Queen's Knight returns that the national interests of Falena must come first.

When Zahhak lights the Western Islet on fire to escape, Orok immediately has his men move to put out the fires and assist the civilian evacuation, even helping people himself. Wasil and Volga, the other two leaders of Lelcar's islets, see how much Orok loves the town, and moves to assist.

Orok sees just how hypocritical Zahhak and the Godwins are, and joins the Prince's army. Although he is against the Godwins, Orok's core beliefs do not change much, and he argues with Volga constantly as a result.

After the war ends, Orok works on restoring Lelcar, but disappears mysteriously just before he finishes. - Matt620 (article), Basel (image)

Gameplay Information for Suikoden V

How to Recruit: Joins automatically after the Battle of Lelcar.