<< Qlon Queen of Obel Queen >>

Star: N/A

Origin: Obel

Events: Kooluk-Obel Wars

Position: Queen

Born: N/A

Death: IS 292

The late wife of Lino En Kuldes, the Queen of Obel inherited the Rune of Punishment one day when she came near the cursed Rune, which had been sealed on the skeleteal remains of a hand. She tried to ignore the rune but one day, while she was on a patrol ship with her two children, she was attacked by pirates. The battle was going poorly, but the Queen turned the Rune on the pirates and killed them, at the cost of her life. Her son, an infant at the time, was lost in the sea. The Queen of Obel was a lot like her husband Lino: brave, a little reckless, and served the people of Obel with everything she had. She is known to be a heavy influence in the attitude of her daughter, Flare. The Queen is also very important to Lazlo, for the song that played on her music box is a song from Lazlo's memories. - Matt620