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Star: Tensyo

Origin: Razril

Events: Island Liberation War, Fall of Kooluk

Position: Knight of Razril

Born: IS 289

Death: N/A

A knight of Razril and good friend of Lazlo, Keneth is among the few who believe in his innocence after the mysterious death of Commander Glen, and is determined to prove it. Once he learns the truth about the Rune of Punishment, he is determined to work as hard as he can so that his friend does not need to use the Rune and endanger his life. Level-headed and calm, Keneth is known as one of the smartest of the knights. He always worries about both Lazlo's safety and the affairs of Razril, and longs to return to it's shores whenever he leaves it. After the Island Nations War, Keneth returned to Razril, which became independent from the Dukedom of [[Gaien]]. He became Vice-Commander of the Knights under Commander Katarina Cott.

Two years later, King Lino en Kuldes asks them to join Kyril's party enter Kooluk, but at that time, imposter Knights of Razril had begun harassing travelers and merchants, so he and Katarina decided to take care of that problem first. They finally caught up to them at Fort El-Eal, where they also managed to run into Kyril and his party. Together they dispatched the imposters, and joined forces from then on, till the end of the mission. - Matt620