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This is a list of how to get each recipe, and the name, cost, and battle effect of each variation.
"YP" are "yummy points." A meal with a higher YP score will cause you to receive more money from the restaurant. Having different types of meals will also help in maximizing your profit.
Egg Roll: Recipe #1
Meimei starts with this.
SpiceResulting FoodPriceEffectTypeYP*
No SpiceEgg Roll x4150Heals 80 HPWarm Meal25YP
SugarThick Egg Roll x4150Heals 80 HPWarm Meal30YP
SaltScrambled Eggs x3200Heals 100 HPWarm Meal23YP
Soy SauceEggs Sunny Side Up x4200Heals 70 HP
Cures sleep status
MayonnaiseMayo Egg x4190Heals 90 HPWarm Meal15YP
Red PepperCrab Rice Bowl x1300Casts Flaming ArrowsSurprise28YP
Nukazuke Pickles: Recipe #2
Body in Zexen Forest
SpiceResulting FoodPriceEffectTypeYP*
No SpiceNukazuke Pickles x4180Heals 90 HPAppetizer15YP
SugarCarrot Cake x6150Heals 80 HPDessert14YP
SaltPickled Cucumber x4190Heals 90 HPCold Meal10YP
Soy SaucePickled Cabbage x4200Heals 90 HP
cures silence status
MayonnaiseSuper Pickles x4100Heals 150 HP
poisons character
Red PepperKimchi x4200Heals 100 HPCold Meal30YP
Tomato Soup: Recipe #3
Duck Village Lottery Complimentary Prize
SpiceResulting FoodPriceEffectTypeYP*
No SpiceTomato Soup x6200Heals 70 HP
cures poison
Warm Meal20YP
SugarTomato Juice x6200Heals 70 HP
cures poison
Cold Meal25YP
SaltCherry Tomato x4250Heals 90 HP
cures poison
Cold Meal15YP
Soy SauceTomato Miso Soup x4250Heals 80 HP
cures poison
Warm Meal7YP
MayonnaiseTomato Salad x4250Heals 90 HP
cures poison
Red PepperRipe Tomato x4250Heals 90 HP
cures poison
Warm Meal10YP
Pork Bun: Recipe #4
Billy's Card Game: 2000 Potch Prize
SpiceResulting FoodPriceEffectTypeYP*
No SpicePork Bun x9300Heals 100 HPWarm Meal22YP
SugarPeach Bun x9300Heals 100 HPDessert20YP
SaltSalty Bun x9350Heals 90 HP
silences character
Soy SauceMapo Bun x5350Heals 150 HPWarm Meal12YP
MayonnaiseTakoyaki x5350Heals 90 HP
cures stun
Warm Meal19YP
Red PepperPizza Bun x7350Heals 150 HPWarm Meal17YP
Butter Sauted Clam: Recipe #5
Body it Mt. Hei-Tou
SpiceResulting FoodPriceEffectTypeYP*
No SpiceButter Sauted Clam x5370Heals 110 HPWarm Meal25YP
SugarClam Chowder x5370Heals 110 HPWarm Meal23YP
SaltBaked Scallops x3400Heals 90 HP
cures bulls-eye status
Warm Meal27 YP
Soy SauceSteamed Clams x2450Heals 150 HP
cures bulls-eye status
Warm Meal30 YP
MayonnaiseMayo Shell Fish x3420Heals 120 HP
cures bulls-eye status
Warm Meal22YP
Red PepperSpicy Clam Soup x4450Heals 100 HP
30% chance of status change
Warm Meal6YP
Fried Noodles: Recipe #6
Iksay Village Lottery Complimentary Prize
SpiceResulting FoodPriceEffectTypeYP*
No SpiceFried Noodles x6450Heals 120 HPWarm Meal30YP
SugarKid's Meal x6450Heals 120 HPWarm Meal32YP
SaltVeggie Noodles x6450Heals 120 HPWarm Meal29YP
Soy SauceThin Noodles x6450Heals 120 HPCold Meal33YP
MayonnaiseOkonomiyaki x6450Heals 120 HPWarm Meal25YP
Red PepperYakisoba x6450Heals 120 HPWarm Meal28YP
Skewered Chicken: Recipe #7
Body in Mountain Path
SpiceResulting FoodPriceEffectTypeYP*
No SpiceSkewered Chicken x4490Heals 130 HPWarm Meal35YP
SugarMinced Chicken x4490Heals 130 HPWarm Meal10 YP
SaltChicken Cartilage x3520Heals 200 HPWarm Meal30YP
Soy SauceTeriyaki Chicken x4500Heals 150 HPWarm Meal37YP
MayonnaiseChicken Salad x4500Heals 130 HP
cures silence
Cold Meal32YP
Red PepperKaraya Chicken x5520Heals 150 HP
30% chance of boost status
Warm Meal28YP
Ice Cream: Recipe #8
Horse Racing Prize
SpiceResulting FoodPriceEffectTypeYP*
No SpiceIce Cream x6450Heals 120 HPDessert20YP
SugarShaved Ice x6500Heals 100 HP
30% chance of alert status
SaltTomato Ice Cream x6500Heals 100 HP
60% chance of silence status
Soy SauceIce Cream Tempura x6500Heals 100 HP
30% chance of alert status
MayonnaiseFried Ice Cream x6500Heals 100 HP
30% chance of becoming invincible
Red PepperGrenade Ice x6500Heals 100 HP
30% chance of boost status
Beef and Potatoes: Recipe #9
Man on path to windmill in Iksay Village
SpiceResulting FoodPriceEffectTypeYP*
No SpiceBeef and Potatoes x4600Heals 160 HPWarm Meal45YP
SugarSoy Locusts x2650Heals 250 HPAppetizer30YP
SaltMashed Potatoes x4600Heals 150 HPWarm Meal55YP
Soy SauceSukiyaki x4600Heals 160 HPWarm Meal47YP
MayonnaiseSurprise Stew x4550Heals 120 HPWarm Meal35YP
Red PepperSpicy Pot Dish x1700Casts Dancing FlameWarm Meal44YP
Cake: Recipe #10
Lady at Inn in Alma Kinan Village
SpiceResulting FoodPriceEffectTypeYP*
No SpiceCake x6700Heals 160 HPDessert45YP
SugarShortcake x6700Heals 160 HPDessert30YP
SaltButter Cake x6800Heals 120 HP
60% chance of silence status
Soy SauceBlack Cake x6800Heals 120 HP
60% chance of alert status
MayonnaiseCheesecake x6700Heals 160 HPDessert35YP
Red PepperFire Cake x6700Heals 160 HPSurprise44YP
Grilled Fish: Recipe #11
Woman by windmill in Iksay Village
SpiceResulting FoodPriceEffectTypeYP*
No SpiceGrilled Fish x5750Heals 170 HPWarm Meal42YP
SugarTaiyaki x4800Heals 150 HP
cures Slowness
SaltPreserved Mackerel x4800Heals 150 HP
30% chance of silence status
Warm Meal45YP
Soy SauceDried Fish x4820Heals 150 HP
cures Poison
Warm Meal46YP
MayonnaiseMuniere x5750Heals 170 HPWarm Meal35YP
Red PepperRed Hot Grilled Fish x6780Heals 160 HPWarm Meal40YP
Gratin: Recipe #12
Man north of Chris' house in Vinay Del Zexay
SpiceResulting FoodPriceEffectTypeYP*
No SpiceGratin x4900Heals 180 HPWarm Meal38YP
SugarApple Gratin x4950Heals 150 HP
30% chance of curing negative status
Cold Meal15YP
SaltSalty Gratin x8920Heals 150 HP
silences character
Warm Meal13YP
Soy SauceCrispy Gratin x4900Heals 180 HPWarm Meal36YP
MayonnaiseCreamed Gratin x4900Heals 180 HPWarm Meal47YP
Red PepperHot Gratin x4920Heals 200 HPWarm Meal36YP
Lunch Box: Recipe #13
Lady in back of the education center in Le Buque
SpiceResulting FoodPriceEffectTypeYP*
No SpiceLunch Box x41000Heals 190 HPCold Meal40YP
SugarLadies' Lunch x41000Heals 190 HPWarm Meal36YP
SaltRice Meal x5900Heals 180 HPWarm Meal28YP
Soy SauceSashimi Meal x31500Heals 250 HPCold Meal20YP
MayonnaiseFried-Prawn Meal x4950Heals 170 HP
character is invincible
Warm Meal55YP
Red PepperChili Prawn Meal x4950Heals 170 HP
30% chance of berserk status
Warm Meal45YP
Hashed Beef & Rice: Recipe #14
Body in Mt. Hei-Tou
SpiceResulting FoodPriceEffectTypeYP*
No SpiceHashed Beef & Rice x41200Heals 200 HPWarm Meal50YP
SugarRoyal Tot Meal x91200Heals 150 HPWarm Meal48YP
SaltSalted Beef x6900Heals 200 HPWarm Meal35YP
Soy SaucePeppered Beef x41200Heals 200 HPSurprise48YP
MayonnaiseMayo Beef x31500Heals 230 HPWarm Meal46YP
Red PepperCurry Rice x21300Heals 200 HP
60% chance of berserk status
Warm Meal57YP
Fried Rice: Recipe #15
Woman in Caleria tavern
SpiceResulting FoodPriceEffectTypeYP*
No SpiceFried Rice x41300Heals 220 HPWarm Meal50YP
SugarShrimp Pilaf x41100Heals 200 HPWarm Meal38YP
SaltRice with Beans x41300Heals 220 HPWarm Meal40YP
Soy SauceMushroom Rice x41600Heals 250 HPWarm Meal55YP
MayonnaiseHeavy Pilaf x41300Heals 220 HPWarm Meal47YP
Red PepperPaella x31500Heals 190 HP
cures any positive status
Warm Meal60YP
Ramen: Recipe #16
Woman in Chisha tavern
SpiceResulting FoodPriceEffectTypeYP*
No SpiceRamen x51300Heals 220 HPWarm Meal47YP
SugarCold Ramen x41600Heals 250 HPCold Meal45YP
SaltSalty Ramen x41600Heals 250 HPWarm Meal49YP
Soy SauceSoy Sauce Ramen x42000Heals 200 HP
cures any negative status
Warm Meal52YP
MayonnaiseGourmet Ramen x41500Heals 250 HPWarm Meal48YP
Red PepperSpicy Ramen x41500Heals 250 HPSurprise42YP
Tofu Hot Pot: Recipe #17
Copper Sun's Treasure Chest in the Cyndar Ruins (Chapter 5)
SpiceResulting FoodPriceEffectTypeYP*
No SpiceTofu Hot Pot x51500Heals 280 HPWarm Meal65YP
SugarAlmond Tofu x61500Heals 250 HPDessert57YP
SaltMixed Hot Pot x32200Heals 250 HP
60% chance of becoming invincible
Warm Meal72YP
Soy SauceShabu-Shabu x41700Heals 300 HPWarm Meal82YP
MayonnaiseDark Hot Pot x42000Heals 250 HP
30% of status change
Red PepperHotBeefTripeStew x41800Heals 300 HPWarm Meal78YP
Full Course: Recipe #18
Ghost Knight's Treasure Chest in Mt. Senai
SpiceResulting FoodPriceEffectTypeYP*
No SpiceFull Course x51700Heals 300 HPWarm Meal70YP
SugarElf's Course x52300Heals 280 HP
30% chance of alert status
Cold Meal85YP
SaltKobold's Course x72300Heals 280 HP
60% chance of boost status
Soy SauceZexen's Course x52800Heals 350 HPWarm Meal89YP
MayonnaiseLizard's Course x42800Heals 250 HP
cures any negative status
Warm Meal75YP
Red PepperKarayan Special x52500Heals 250 HP
30% chance of berserk status
Warm Meal68YP
Special Stew: Recipe #19
Lizard in Great Hollow Inn
SpiceResulting FoodPriceEffectTypeYP*
No SpiceSpecial Stew x42500Heals 250 HPWarm Meal75YP
SugarMaple Syrup x43000Heals 300 HP
30% chance of alert status
SaltAdult Stew x43000Heals 410 HPWarm Meal70YP
Soy SauceClear Soup x62800Heals 300 HPWarm Meal68YP
MayonnaiseMild Stew x63000Heals 350 HPWarm Meal83YP
Red PepperSpicy Stew x42900Heals 400 HPWarm Meal76YP
Chinese Banquet: Recipe #20
Twin Snake's Treasure Chest in Mountain Path (Chapter 5)
SpiceResulting FoodPriceEffectTypeYP*
No SpiceChinese Banquet x33000Heals 400 HPWarm Meal80YP
SugarCandy House x33000Heals 400 HPDessert78YP
SaltSalty Creation x23200Heals 400 HPSurprise66YP
Soy SauceTea Ceremony Set x32500Heals 350 HPCold Meal88YP
MayonnaiseSalad Platter x42800Heals 380 HPAppetizer70YP
Red PepperFlaming Ocean SP x11000060% chance of recovering fighting abilitySurprise57YP