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Wander around the forest, meeting a ton of stars in a branching plot.
[Episode 3]

2 3 4 - After having escaped from Muse, Nash is found by Seed and Culgan. They know he must be the spy in the Highland Camp that Luca was talking about. (See Chapter 2). Nash doesn't want to fight them so uses some gunpowder to set up a flash of light. He uses his wire to scale up a tree so that they think he's disappeared.

The bridge that leads towards Two-Rivers has been destroyed. So... depending on if you Leap the bridge or not, the story will be different.

If you cannot cross the bridge

    5 6 7 7b 8 9 10 - If you do not have the 10 LP necessary to leap the bridge you will be accosted by Elza who duels with Nash. Of course, Elza wins.... or does she? Actually it's a tie, because the sparkly stuff will explode if Elza shoots Nash.

    11 12 13 - After that, they settle for a kind of cozy evening fire and idle conversation starts.

    13b 13c - If Nash asks if the rumors about her are true, Elza eventually speaks of her past and how she came to join the Howling Voice Guild.

    14 15 16 17 - Meanwhile at the Highland Camp, they prepare to release the Golden Wolf to pursue Nash. At the camp, a mysterious figure meets with Seed and Culgan.

    18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 - The Golden Wolf fight.

    30 - Nash? How long are you going to hold me like this?

    31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 - Seed and Culgan find Nash once more. And he is forced to fight the two of them. He uses Groß Fluß and poisons Seed. Culgan does gain the upper hand and gains the antidote for the poison from Nash. Nash passes out in the forests of Greenhill.

If you managed to jump the bridge:

    44 - You meet a seedy individual trying to sell you a horse for 7000 potch. REALLY Cheap. You can chose to either buy it or be suspicious. Either way, you are forced to buy the horse. Nash was injured in the first fight with Seed and Culgan so needs to take it easy.

    45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 - He meets an unconscious girl in the middle of the road. Her name is Wakaba. She was training in the forests. She is trying to find her master. So Nash offers to help her out of the forest.

    53 54 - Nash and Wakaba stop for a while and Nash finds by the lake, a mysterious young woman bathing.

    55 56 57 - A very irate woman...

    58 59 60 - They head onwards to find a bear... and a Man... it looks like the bear will attack. Oh no, there's not enough time for Nash to intervene... only.... it looks like they're having a cheerful conversation... about the bear someday getting married.... *sweatbead*

    61 - Meanwhile, a lonely lycanthrope watches from behind the trees.

    62 63 - Wakaba falls asleep and Nash runs into a woman wandering in the woods. She claims she's come from the direction of Muse... which is the direction Nash is coming from... so how come she's coming from the OPPOSITE direction? Poor Raura... she's got no direction sense, even when Nash tries to set her straight.

    64 - The trip continues, hopefully without any hitches....

    64b 64c 64d 64e - Passionate gamblers duke it out in the woods.

    65 66 67 - They find a mage practicing his craft in the woods. Only to barely escape being cooked by the fireball he casts. Apparently the spell failed, since it didn't raze the entire forest like he'd hoped.

    68 69 70 - The wierd inventor, training his elevator titans in the woods. Wakaba, don't look so interested in them!

    71 - Looks like Nash and Wakaba aren't the only people out here... there's a couple having a moonlit date. C'mon Hix.... take a bite!

    72 - And the lady in question is pissed off at being interrupted....

    73 74 - Ack! The psycholady from the lake doesn't give up does she? She finally catches up.... and you finally get everything straightened out...

    75 76 - Escaping the forest... you meet someone trying to sell you a horse... he never learns does he? And of course, someone is hot on his heels.