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Character cards are used in combat to attack your opponent or help yourself. They are the means to win campaigns.
1) Character Name
Self Explanatory
2) Category
Character cards are split into five color-coded categories, listed as follows:
  • Purple - Mastermind
  • Red - Leader
  • Orange - Commoner
  • Craftsman - Goldenrod Yellow
  • Free - Blue
3) Rune
Wether a character has a rune or not. If there is no rune, there will be no visible image. In this particular example, Hero 2 is listed as having the Bright Shield Rune.
4) Sex
The characters are classfied by the following sex options
  • Male
  • Female
  • Beast - Feather, MukuMuku etc.
  • Sword - Zodiac Sword
  • Robot - Gadget
  • Unknown - Simone, Vincent
5) Camp
The cards are divided as follows:
  1. New Alliance Army - The army founded by Hero 2.
  2. Jowston City States - Comprised of the leaders of the Jowston City States
  3. Kingdom of Highland - Highland Characters
  4. Tertiary Influence - Characters for the most part that are connected from Suikoden I into Suikoden II.
  5. City-State Independants - These are characters from Tinto and Matilda that fight against Highland in a manner independant from those within the City-States
6) Links
Links are very important in the deployment of cards. Any card that is set into play must be linkable to one of the previous cards, forming a kind of chain. For example, Flik is your Leader card (Link: A, E, I). You have in your hand the following character cards: Millie (Link: A, E, G), Shiro (Link: G, H), Hilda (Link: D, E) and Jess (Link: B, D).
With the Flik card, your two options are Hilda OR Millie as the second card because Millie can link as A or E while Hilda can link as E. If you select Millie, the third card you set down can be either Hilda (Linked by Flik and Millie's E) or Shiro (Linked by Millie's G). If you set down Shiro, your next option must be to set down Hilda, because Jess cannot be linked to anyone until Hilda is set into play. (Linked by D).
7) Attack, 8) Military Strength, 9) Construction
These three stats affect the character's effectiveness in battle. Attack is just that. Military Strength is used in Missions where Military Strength (similar to the World Battle Map) is required. Construction is used in conjunction with Facilities brought into play and are related to the construction/destruction requirements.
9) Description
Pretty much self-explanatory except for the shorthand code listed as follows:
  1. Appearance - In this case, the description following the abbreviation will be executed upon placement on the playing field irregardless of the player's wishes.
  2. Selection - In this case, the player has the option of saying no to the execution of what is listed after the abbreviation.
  3. Appearance & Selection - In this case, the description following the abbreviation will be executed upon deployment onto the field, but the player has the option of not doing so.
  4. Settlement - When both players continually pass or the player that used the card clears a mission or facility construction, the text after the code will go into effect.
  5. Continuation - When a character with this code is placed into play, the text listed in after the code will remain in effect for subsequent turns.
  6. Betrayal - This card is particularily risky to play - if your opponent puts down the same card, you will lose this character will betray the first player and join the opposing group. Examples: Gilbert, Rowd, Yuber. Unless a character has this code, the "Unique" rule is in effect - only one of each character can be played at any one time.
  7. Correspondence - After a pre-determined amount of time, the ability indicated after the code can be used.
  8. Unite - Similar to the unite attacks, certain characters can unite with other characters for power-ups. However you have to be careful with how you play them because in certain cases, deploying one character first may result in a different effect. A prime example of this is the Flik and Viktor unite. If Viktor is deployed first, Military Strength +1000 (good if you're on a Military Strength based mission), however in the case where Flik is deployed before Viktor, it will result in an Attack +2. (good only if it's a standard mission).