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Sometimes it is better to acceed to the fate that life has set aside for you...
The Tragic Ending
You head to the pass, either refusing to lead the country, or leaving the castle before you were asked. You meet Jowy at the rock you two slashed an X into in the beginning of the game.

Jowy looks over his shoulder at you.


" came. Just like you once again."

Jowy turns and takes a step towards you, head lowered.


"This is where out journey began. You and I walked the along the same path for so long together, but this is where they began to diverge. But, I have no regrets. But if I did, it would be that I had to betray the City-State and asasinate lady and I were alot alike...we were both aiming for the same thing. But I just..."

Jowy pauses.


"At the Highland camp, after I let you escape ahead, I was captured and met Luca Blight again. I hated him from the beginning, it's true. But I think I admired his strength a little bit too... I thought if I was that strong, I could protect everyone and I could create a gentle world where nobody would ever be hurt. But...."

Jowy pauses again.


"No, forget about it. This is a battle between the King of Highland and the leader of the Orange Army. This is truly...the final battle."

The Hero is given a choice (bold indicates answer given)

I guess you're right...
We don't need to fight.

Jowy takes his staff in hand.


"We do...need to fight...hero...

Hero and Jowy duel. There are several divergences here at this point.

1st Scenario: You defeat Jowy

Jowy is on his knees.


"That's right...hero. Good. Now this war will finally end...Hero...hold up your right hand..."

The Hero holds his hand out to Jowy, not touching.


"I was watching you all the time...remember these two runes were once one you know... Peace is a beautiful thing...even if it the end of a long...brutal...war...It may seem all is lost, but we will always have memories...forgive me...Hero...I sent many men to their deaths...noone knows the pain of that more than I do...

"But...just as I had no choice but to defeat me. A glorious hero defeats an evil King...the people will talk and sing about your heroic rise to fame and forget the horrors and the sins of war...the defeated soldiers will feel comforted by the fact that they were defeated by a hero, and deceived by an evil king..."

Both bodies are encased in light, as the two rune symbols shine in unison, combining in the Hero. Jowy continues to talk.


"Hero...I want you to...become a great leader...hold on dearly to this peace...that we fought so hard for. The will lend you its power, I'm sure of friend...Hero..."

Jowy collapses as the Hero catches and holds the body of his friend.