Solon Jhee

Star: N/A

Origin: Higheast (L'Renouille)

Events: Dunan Unification War

Position: General of the Fourth Highland Army

Born: IS 430

Death: IS 460

Solon Jhee is a member of the powerful Jhee family of Highland and was promoted fast through the military ranks due to his status. After [Luca] Blight became the commander in chief of the Highland Army following [Agares]'s resignation from that duty, Solon was promoted to the General of the 4th Highland Army and spearheaded Highland's attack on Jowston.

He had many successes in the start and had momentum - destroying [Viktor]'s mecenaries, defeating Muse and then taking South Window and executing [Granmeyer]. However, throughout the war he lacked caution and small setbacks happened at various times. This became clear when he attacked the old fortress of North Window. He assumed too much, thinking that the rebels had no place to run, exposing the rear of his army and allowing the Allied Forces to attack from the rear. This angered [Luca] Blight and cost Solon his head. - Blue Moon

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