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While the Beast Commanders in Toran were known for their exclusive Phero Rune, their colleagues in Dunan bring their own rune this time: A Nymph Rune. Nymphs are female spirits which are associated with the nature. They have the power to control other creatures within the areas they live.

This rune is odd and pretty useless at the same time. You need high luck and magic to accomplish something with it, and even then its power is questionable and the success rate is not satisfying. At best fun to play with.

Hunt it from the Target Girls and Target Ladys. - Celes

Suikoden 2 Data
With a lower LUCK stat of the wielder, a better level effect is chosen more likely. The command targets 1 enemy, although this matters only when Effect #4 occurs.

All effects are MGC based, which means MGC will be added to the base DMG/Heal.

Effect #1:
50 non-elemental DMG / all allies
Effect #2:
100 non-elemental DMG / 1 ally chosen at random
Effect #3:
Heals 150 HP / 1 ally chosen at random
Effect #4:
100 non-elemental DMG / 1 enemy
Effect #5:
50 non-elemental DMG / all enemies
Equipped Sold Dropped Found
  TargetLady - 0.8% (South Window Area)

TargetGirl - 0.8% (Greenhill Forest #2)

"Guardian Deity" - TRDU