About this Forum Support board

A place for members to ask moderators and admins any questions regarding forum rules and maybe even suggestions for the site!
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About this Forum Support board

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Hi everyone! We've decided to create this section in our forums because the email support system is simply too difficult for the administration to manage - it involves at least one of us to remember to log into a rarely used site, delete tons of spam, and hopefully not accidentally delete your message in the process. Many moderators still frequent the forums, so you're more likely to get a response here than through our email. Members have always been able to PM the us (please continue to do so for more personal issues), but this board provides an easier method and allows the entire staff and community to chime in.
ANYWAY, oftentimes, there are questions about some of the Board Rules, and the answer may vary depending on the individual moderator. Attitudes can change (we were generally more strict when activity increased due to new Suikoden game information/releases), and rules can be discussed/updated. This board is intended for such discussions in an open environment. You can also post suggestions for the site here.

For those who need help activating their accounts, we apologize but guests are unable to post messages to get help here... the best suggestion is to check your Spam folder for the activation email!

Remember not to post information that could compromise your security! This is as public as the rest of the boards; the Google and Yahoo web crawlers scan through here just like our Gameplay forums.