Stuff cut from Suikoden II

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Re: Stuff cut from Suikoden II

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So this could be cut, could be bugged or just really freaking rare to happen but Millie has lines for the stage area of the castle, thing is, I can't recall ever seeing her there so it's difficult to say without someone looking at the code. Unless someone has a screenshots of her appearing there and it's just really rare.

Gengen and Gabocha is a bit of a guess since she doesn't mention Bonaparte, but unless they suddenly changed the order of the lines that should be hers.

No one on stage:
"Hey, when is it gonna start?
If there's nothing here, maybe we could have a Bonaparte show?
How about it?"

Gengen & Gabocha:
"This is fun, right?
It's so much fun, right?"

"Oboy, this is so great!!!
But y'know what? You might not believe it, but Bonaparte is a terrific dancer too!"

Annallee is terrific!!!
But Bonaparte is a good singer too, y'know."
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Re: Stuff cut from Suikoden II

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Well, she is there, and does correspond with what's on the stage

and yes, Gengen/Gabocha on the stage does make her go with:

"This is fun, right?
It's so much fun, right?

Just to be clear: this is somewhat 'forced' to get her to appear. I still do not know if she does naturally. She will say those lines when the performance are on stage, but will disappear after you watch them. I just reenabled her back again and she goes back to the 'when is it gonna start part'.

Seems like a bug to me.

And since we're on topic: on far far east from the stage there's this area that seems to be a leftover. There are other parts that is when the castle is less developed (like how the stage area was supposed to be abandoned) but those seems be just left around that the developers can't be bothered to removed.
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Re: Stuff cut from Suikoden II

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Yes, super fascinating stuff for sure! I'm just about finished with my current playthrough of the first game, so I'll be thinking about this missing content for sure. Thanks!
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