Drop Pattern Discovered for "Mangosh"

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Re: Drop Pattern Discovered for "Mangosh"

Post by sporefrog »

highwind44029 wrote:I tried to do this trick on getting Water Rune Pieces in Mt. Tigerwolf for McDohl, and it worked wonders!

This game manipulation is kind of interesting. I wonder if it works in the second installment. Sure would help in getting a lot those Double-Beat runes early.

I discovered this trick,while farming defense rune pieces for my McDohl lvl 1 challenge.I was prepared for the worst(weeks or even months of stupid farming) but after a while,I realised that the enemies sometimes drop the same item during the same battle and after a few tries,the drop pattern was broken :lol:
I tried it later with many other enemies in other locations and it always worked.but only in dungeons.I never found a way to manipulate overworld enemy drops.

I also tried this(and similar methods) in S2,but it seems,there is no way to manipulate the drops.
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Re: Drop Pattern Discovered for "Mangosh"

Post by highwind44029 »

I guess RNG is actually random in Suikoden II whereas in this game it can somewhat be manipulated based on your commands in combat.
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Re: Drop Pattern Discovered for "Mangosh"

Post by highwind44029 »

It's crazy how effective this "trick" is. I'm on a different playthrough (although technically it came from an earlier save file of my other progress so I'm not sure if that's a factor) and I'm farming water rune pieces literally the same way I did last time.

Turn 1: Cleo attacks left slime -> Odessa attacks right slime -> Gremio attacks right slime and kills it -> Viktor attacks middle slime and kills it -> Slime attacks
Turn 2: Cleo attacks left slime and kills it

And then during my 2nd battle against those three slimes ALWAYS gets a critical hit during her attack so Gremio instead goes for the left slime and kills it for a one-turn battle.

Unfortunately I was not able to work out the attack pattern for getting the Mangosh so I might have to experiment on that.
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Re: Drop Pattern Discovered for "Mangosh"

Post by DaiPatPat »

I am at lvl 29-30. Already beat the dragon but before heading up to 1on1 against Kwanda. Here's the pattern I found, which is different from the original poster's. His steps and command order didn't work for me(probably because I had beat the dragon already) so I had to spend some time figuring out my own, which ended up working and I was able to get 10 mangosh in 25 mins. (took me a few hours to figure out the pattern though)

preps: all lvl12 weapon sharpened, fire rune on Kirkis. I got one by fighting kobolds in the world map. I was lucky and got one in less than 10 battles since I left burnt village.

1) save in Burnt elves village
2) encounter exactly 4 battles in world map. Let go on all of them.
3) enter Pannu Yakuta
4) encounter exactly 3 battles, which contain different number of soldiers as already mentioned by the original poster. Let go on all of them.
5) in the 4th encounter with 1 armor and 3 shields. turn 1: falcon rune on armor, Viktor Clone on armor, Kuromimi/Tir/Gremio defend, Kirkis level 3 fire magic spell(dancing fire)? turn 2: free will. This should kill everything but I didn't get any drop after the battle.
6) the 5th encounter will also be 1 armor and 3 shields. turn 1: falcon on armor, Clone on armor, Kuromimi/Tir/Gremio defend, Kirkis level 2 fire magic(firestorm). turn 2: falcon on default target, Viktor defend, Kuromimi/Tire/Gremio attack on default target, Kirkis level 2 fire magic. The last attack in this battle will be a critical hit from Kuromimi to a shield. Mangosh as a drop after battle.
7) go to the girl and rest up.
8) return to burnt village. save up. reset game. repeat from step 2 again with exact pattern and so forth.

I am playing the PSN version and I only use the soft reset by pressing the Home button on my controller.
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Re: Drop Pattern Discovered for "Mangosh"

Post by bizenboat »

Reviving this old thread because I was playing around with the pattern a bit (playing on the PSN version on my PSTV)... Here is what I found, on my copy at least.

I believe every time you load a save, from any save point, it starts with the exact same RNG state. I haven't tested different saves so I don't know if it's determined at the start of a new game or if it depends on the copy of the game you have. Basically, I don't know if starting a new game changes the RNG.

You can see this by saving on both sides of the Great Forest. Regardless of if you start on the human side or the dog side, you'll get the same battle pattern in the forest every time you load the save. Nothing I do changes the pattern - not leveling up, not switching characters, not gaining new characters, nothing. At any point in the game, I'll get the same sequence of battles (separated by the same number of steps) from whichever save point I load from. For me it happens on the world map as well as a dungeon. If you're in a city/"safe place", then the battles are skipped, but it's still tracking your steps. So you could skip a battle in the sequence by walking in Pannu Yakuta courtyard, then go back in the castle and fight the next battle.

Also, if you just Free Willy (TM) the battle or you do nothing but attack, each turn you take in a battle seems to skip one of the battles. Example:

3 Veteran Soldiers
3 Devil Shields
1 Devil Armor
5 Veteran Soldies

if you free will and kill all the veteran soldiers in one turn, it skips to the devil armor. if it takes you two turns to kill the 3 veteran soldiers, it skips to the group of 5 soldiers. Interesting. Using runes starts changing things up a bit and I haven't figured that part out yet.

But the trick is still figuring out how to trigger an item to drop...
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Re: Drop Pattern Discovered for "Mangosh"

Post by bizenboat »

Ignore what I said about skipping battles in safe places - I thought that happened when I was testing, but I tried again and I was wrong.

I'm still getting the situation where using x number of turns in the first battle skips the next x battles. Every once in a while it skips x-1 for some reason, there might be some kind of RNG overflow or something going on. But for the most part, this is true regardless of what you use (normal attacks or runes). HOWEVER, for some reason using Soul Eater generates a new RNG and breaks the pattern... other magic didn't do that for me.

I still had to use brute force to find what combination got me a mangosh (or whatever item). It matters what order your characters act, not the order that you put them in. Also, if your 2-3 fastest characters kill an enemy before the rest act then it doesn't matter what you told the slow ones to do.

In my case I decided the only options I was going to worry about was 1. attack, 2. defend, 3. rune. Then I slowly cycled through all of the actions for each character (starting with 2 because my 2 fastest wiped the field), then adding in defends so that I could use 3 characters ,4 , etc. My 30th combination gave me the mangosh, woo!

I can't think of any ways to find the pattern except brute force. But if you need multiples of an item them it's way better than the alternative.
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Re: Drop Pattern Discovered for "Mangosh"

Post by TurbidCurrent »

Posted something that was irrelevant, didn't see that there was a page 2. But... I can post a pattern that I have been successful with for Mangosh farming with my characters after the attack on Gregminster, if anyone is looking for a specific formation that will guarantee Mangosh drops late in the game.

Party members:
FR: Flik (Cyclone), Viktor (Double-Beat), Valeria
BR: Tir, Tai ho (Turtle), Kasumi

1. Save at Burnt VoE.
2. Travel to Pannu Yakuta, and Let Go of 2 Kobold Formations. (Both formations are 2x Mage and 3x Fighter.)
3. Go to room with the maid, fight and Let go of battles 1-3. (Third battle is 2 Veteran Soldiers with shields.)
4. Battle 4 is Devil Armor and 3x Devil Shields. Defend with everyone but Tir, and use his Hell Spell.
5. Battle 5 is a lone Devil Armor. Eliminate with "The Shredding" via Flik's Cyclone Rune, Defend with everyone else.
6. Let Go of battles 6-7.
7. Repeat step 5 this time the Devil Armor will drop a Mangosh.
8. Travel back to Burnt VoE, Let Go of 2 Kobold Formations. (Both formations are 1x Mage, 3x Archer.)
Save at Elves Village and reset. I am on PSN so soft resets will do.

Rest with maid as needed to replenish magic.

Anyone know of any other helpful formations where they have had success with some of the other better rare drops?
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Re: Drop Pattern Discovered for "Mangosh"

Post by Shullen »

Currently replaying this game after over a decade and recalled that I made a post here concerning this drop...So, I wanted to see if I could replicate my exact pattern which I reported previously to see if it would work…Saved at Burnt Village of the Elves after the first major battle and before exploring the castle/fighting the boss…Ran into both kobold formations on the world map between locations as previously reported…Went into the castle and ran into 4 soldier veterans; 5 soldier veterans; 2 soldier veterans; and then the 3 devil shields and devil armor…Replicated the pattern in my original post…No drop…(My characters this time around were all lower-level: mid- to late-20s)…I decided to see what the next couple of formations were, and they were: 2 devil shields (let go) and then one lone devil armor (free willed)…

Boom: mangosh…

Left; let go two kobold formations on my way back to the village; saved; rebooted; repeated to get 3 more (visiting the maid in the room to the right each time to heal beforehand)…4th time, no drop…I was confused for a minute before I realized that I had a couple of characters who leveled-up, so they went at different times during the combat due to an increase/change in speed…So, having to change things up, I went with the following pattern and got the drop again:

Battle 1: veteran soldier x4 --> let go
Battle 2: veteran soldiers x5 --> let go
Battle 3: veteran soldier x --> let go
Battle 4: devil shield x3 + devil armor x1 (round 1):
Victor: defend
Valeria: falcon rune (devil armor)
Kuromimi: defend
Hero: defend
Gremio: defend
Kirkis: attack (devil armor)
(round 2):
Victor: clone rune (devil armor)
Valeria: defend
Kuromimi: defend
Hero: defend
Gremio: defend
Kirkis: attack (devil armor)
(round 3)
Victor: medicine on Kuromimi
Valeria: falcon rune on top shield
Kuromimi: attack second shield
Hero: attack second shield
Gemio: attack second shield
Kirkis: firestorm
(round 4)
Free will
Battle 5:
Devil shield x2 --> let go
Battle 6:
Devil armor --> free will

Seeing as how I hit a “bump” in the farming due to level/speed increases, I would recommend not trying to find a pattern until your party members are 30+ to decrease the likelihood of characters leveling-up prior to saving…(When I figured out the above drop pattern, my characters' levels and their associated speeds were: Victor 29/76; Valeria 31/76; Kuromimi 29/75; Hero 30/109; Gremio 30/59; & Kirkis 29/94)...

At any rate, thought it would be interesting to post here again in case someone happens to read this and finds this pattern works for them when other patterns noted in above posts may have failed to produce... 8)
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Re: Drop Pattern Discovered for "Mangosh"

Post by Jigoyski »

Just wanted to add into the conversation.

Went to play the game again, anyways, here's a "pattern" that I discovered regarding the Mangosh grind. I have grinded 32 characters into level 99. I have 50 mangosh, will be probably get 4 or 6 more as I will add 3 more to level 99.

So here's what I have found in this game so far, I have played the game to about 500-600 game hours (2 weeks real time), What I do is I speed grind, since I am playing the game via RetroArch (Sorry if mentioning or playing Suiko on it is not allowed), so I use the space bar to speed up the grind, but not the important battles, just the grind.

TAs for the first post, I noticed that too, after getting out of the burnt village, I do get 2 or 3 enemies then I get "medicine" that is what I first noticed, so I decided to keep letting them go. Here's what I noticed on my speed grind, the first enemy you should encounter inside Pannu is the Devil Armor, not any other or with shieds, the DA should be alone, it should always be the first one you encounter, I just reset it by going out of the Pannu and into the World Map, then go back in, until I encounter an alone Devil Armor, then I go up to where the "big circular carpet" is and start the grind from there. So I just speed it up, going left and right to the area where I am not seen, but where I can move in that part of the map at the most bottom part of the map / hugging the wall, I just speed move left and right, (see 2nd screenshot), when I start the grind, I am only equipped with what I have in the characters, no need to add meds or any other things, so I can get a lot of space, level also does not matter, I started my first ever mangosh grind when my hero was at level 60ish, then even now at level 99++++++ (a hero has levelled more than 99 from leveling the others), so my item space is usually24 to 26 open slots, whenever I get them filled up, I do get an average of 4 mangoshes (2 if unlucky, my best was 6 in 1 fill, 3 in 5mins, 2 in two consecutive dragon armor battle) in about 40mins to 1hour of (real time of grinding) and about or at least 7hours of in game time. Then I rinse and repeat and now I have 50 of them, maybe more in a day or so. Lol

As for the others, All the 30++ level 99 characters are weapon equipped with 9 water rune each, I grind to get it (water rune piece) after you cross the first bridge before climbing up the stairs, I go from left to right (Ithe battle/enemy should b e in the right side of the 1st bridge, that small area), you can also get the defense rune piece from the snail here

The only grind where I get bored is the silver hat and power gloves, I did get more Mangosh than these two combined, but I never grinded for the silver hat and gloves, I just noticed that they were really hard to get, and I was grinding for the Taikioku wear anyways.

I think I'll go for half of the "playable" characters to 99 as I only have 15 windspun armor atm. xD

Speed rune piece gets dropped more in the general area where you go into the hidden path to get Crowley, as for the Magic Rune piece, after the climb from the sleeping dragons before entering the "door" going inside.

Milia has probably the same "level" bug as Hoi, Pesmerga and the others in Suikoden 2, I got her at level 87 iirc.

So there it is, the story or somewhat pattern of my mangosh grind and sui1 grind.
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