The One King

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Re: The One King

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i see Tierkreis and the PSP games as sequels that other game series create: a completely different reality using themes and reinterpreted themes from the game series. they are not related in any way to the world/reality of the main series. this is a "standard" type of sequel you see in games like Dragon Quest, Breath of Fire, and Final Fantasy (yes some of the modern games are linked but the original games had no relation to each other).
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Re: The One King

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The one king sounds like it could had been Hikusaak.
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Re: The One King

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ENDmyinitials wrote: Tue Dec 01, 2015 12:25 pm The one king sounds like it could had been Hikusaak.
Given that some worlds are variations on a theme - ie, other Marica, the resemblance between the playable world and the first chronicle you find - could one way of creating the One King be what happens when Hikusaak succeeds?

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