[Mods] Suikoden II - Rebalanced [hard mod]

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Re: [Mods] Suikoden II - Rebalanced [hard mod]

Postby ninjaluc79 » Sat Dec 03, 2022 7:57 pm

sorry i should be checking this more, Psychedelist is not able to respond as much as he once was, as he has been displaced by the war.

1. please remember to use the correct emulator. EmuHawk 2.3.0. (psychedelist told me once, he did all his testing on this emulator, as it was able to read modified rom files, other emulators didnt have the capacity to and may therefore develope bugs.) link https://tasvideos.org/Bizhawk/PreviousReleaseHistory

2. The use of Clay Guardian is fine, and it needed throughout the gameplay.

3. i dont agree with using codes to raise stats on this play, would kinda make the play pointless. its already do able ive done it twice.

if i dont answer after so many weeks and u need help, find me on my Twitch. RizenGT.
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I have my own ideas for a Normal Mode Rebalanced Mod, but I will have to save them until next year when I have completed my own balance tests on Psychedelist's Hard Mode Rebalance mod. For now, my points of concern are:

* Tweaks on the stat growths of quite a few characters.
* Clay Guardian as it stands in Psych's mod is kinda useless late game. Maybe there is a way to scale it based on the user's MAG and Earth affinity?
* I have a proposed change for the Warrior Attack: Tengaar's part of the Unite should be magical and the damage dealt to Hix should scale with his max HP or be based on Tengaar's MAG.
* Is there a way for the Sleep chance on Wind of Sleep to scale with MAG, LUK, and Wind affinity?
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Re: [Mods] Suikoden II - Rebalanced [hard mod]

Postby Rizen » Sun Jan 15, 2023 12:07 pm

you need to use clay throughout for sure. idk about the other two comments i suspect this would involve a deeper lvl of programming.

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