Suikoden: The Sovereign Chronicles (Fan Made Game)

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Suikoden: The Sovereign Chronicles (Fan Made Game)

Postby FG7 » Tue Apr 05, 2022 10:29 pm

Suikoden: The Sovereign Chronicles (Fan Made Game)

This is a new fan made project to recreate that oh so amazing feeling that was captured in Suikoden II. I will be looking to "clone" all systems within Suikoden II. So, expect a 99% exact gameplay within this fan made game. This fan made game will be created with RPG Maker VX Ace. Any screenshots you see below are fully functional - I will look to start adding GIF images soon for a better representation.


- To Be Decided -

*The story will be based on main character Jowy and his new adventure after the final events from Suikoden II where he will obtain the lost Sovereign Rune from the Suikoden 1 storyline. I am open to suggestions or ideas for the story.

Completed Systems:

Suikoden II Font: Done
Suikoden II Font - Hover Effect: Done
Splash Screen: Done
Title Screen: Done
Save/Load Screen: Done
Main Player Menus: 20% (Item/Formation/Equipment/Strength/Rune/Settings)
Weapon Upgrade: N/A
Trade Post: N/A
Rune Magic + Weapon: N/A
Item Shop: N/A
Battle System: N/A
Sprite Facesets: Done
Sprite Characters: N/A

Screenshots (So far):

Splash Screen + Title Screen:

Name Screen:

Save/Load Screen:

Player Menus:

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