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Breakfast on Trappist-1

Postby FormosaFalanster » Thu Jun 24, 2021 1:05 am

Hello to all Suikoden fans!

I am an independent game developper and I created a free game called "Breakfast on Trappist-1".

It is not in any ways similar to Suikoden. It is a point and click game. The only thing similar between the two would be the emphasis put on narrative. But it is definitely not a JRPG.

The reason why I decided to present it here, however, is because Suikoden has always been by far my favourite game series ever. It is Suikoden that persuaded me that it was possible to tell beautiful stories through a videogame. I used a widely different genre but the intention was the same.

The game even include an easter egg as a wink to Suikoden but that's a detail. I thought maybe if Suikoden fans like beautiful story they may enjoy my game too.

So here it is, you can downloaded free from any of these two websites, both having comments from players to give you an idea:

It is a free game and it's not very long to play. I hope it can give you some nice feelings. If yes, you can keep following us as we are going to do other games.

All the best,

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