Trade Rumor manipulation based on enemy battles?

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Trade Rumor manipulation based on enemy battles?

Postby KFCrispy » Mon Feb 21, 2022 4:10 pm

Suave_Sloth on Twitch is currently playing Suikoden V and said he used save states and found certain battles can manipulate the trade rumors. Worth looking into later?
1. Rumor changed to salt price dropped so went to every town and bought all the salt.
2. Went to a town and save stated every min, went into town and checked rumor, if it changed then reloaded save state. Checked rumor again, rumor is static or so I thought....
3. Programming knowledge time - Rumor changes based on current state of game on the loading screen going into the town. To change the state of the game, you fight monsters, based on what monster you fought changes what the rumor is, it is locked into place.
Tree Wizard - Veggies drop in price
Spiders - Sugars
After trial and error found out that the fight with two red werewolves is linked to Salt price increase, fought them, went into town, confirmed salt increase rumor, entering into town locks the rumor for the next half hour to an hour. Went back to Raftfleet and sold salt, character get.

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Re: Trade Rumor manipulation based on enemy battles?

Postby Z3R01337 » Mon Feb 21, 2022 10:56 pm

Not to be dismissive, but I think it's RNG related not battle related. IIRC certain parts of the WM RNG only advances when you walk to see if you can get a battle. Off a save state, RNG is more or less sequential so you'll get the same battles assuming same actions in battle (likely running). And entering a town after the same battle off a save state will probably land on the same RNG value every time. Don't know if I explained that all that well, just my guess as to what's happening there.

If exploring this further, I recommend going to the 2nd/3rd/nth battle of a certain enemy group and see if it stays the same. So say, off that save state run from the first group of 2 red werewolves, find another one, then enter a town to check Rare Finds. If it does turn out to be enemy based that would be amazing though :D

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Re: Trade Rumor manipulation based on enemy battles?

Postby Pyriel » Wed Feb 23, 2022 10:30 pm

Yeah, Z3R0's interpretation seems a lot more likely to me. For a somewhat well-known example of this, there was an RNG manipulation in FFXII for the PS2 at least, where' you'd give your leader a particular weapon, save in a particular spot and reboot, and then stand around hitting yourself until you got two critical hits in a row. Then you could run to the next map over and always get a Ribbon or some such ultra-rare item. I'm probably forgetting a lot of details, but the point is that the critical hits had diddly to do with the good loot being there, directly. It just happened that when you got two crits in a row after rebooting, that was an indicator that the RNG used for crits and loot had a state amenable to you getting a rare item.

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