Titan Rune damage to self info

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Titan Rune damage to self info

Postby KFCrispy » Tue Dec 01, 2020 7:30 pm

I'm watching some of fatmn's Twitch footage of his Suikoden Tactics playthrough (he's currently in the middle of the game) and he is using the Titan Rune in some battles.. I've noticed the damage to the user seems to be based on the character's Max HP and not damage dealt, as per our own rune database's description (http://suikosource.com/runes/list/?rune ... %20Tactics). I've actually always assumed this to be the case and didn't notice the info in our website... I am wondering if anyone can confirm. I'll make more observations to do my own checking...

Updates: Saw another attack with the same character (Axel) just 1 level later, and the 2nd ability (that supposedly deals 20% back) only did 20 damage to himself while he dealt 181. Axel's current HP was near 100, so I'm thinking it deals damage based on Current HP similar to the Kangacorn Rush.

For the 1st ability, I saw the same effect, taking 10% of current HP. He dealt 177, took 20, and his health was 206.

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