Suikoden Card Stories - Cards wanted again.

Ask about, or share details for, various Suikoden collectables; such as cards, soundtracks and publications.
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Suikoden Card Stories - Cards wanted again.

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I'm looking at finishing my small collection of Suikoden cards, unfortunately they never seem to appear on Ebay anymore and I don't know where else to find them . I had some success on here before thanks to a couple of fine, trustworthy posters. In case any one can help me out here I am in need of the following cards:

4, 8 , 15, 31, 45, 80, 97, 103, 145, 175, 181, 230, 232, 241, 243, 244, 249 and 252.

As far as I know they are mostly rare if not all rare. On the off chance anyone has spares of them please contact me so I can complete my collection from my favourite JRPG series of all time!

Many thanks in advance.
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Re: Suikoden Card Stories - Cards wanted again.

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Is this chapter 1? I don't think 4, 8 or 181 are particulary rare in either chapter, 8 and 181 are starters in chapter 1...? Maybe you meant 191 instead of 181?
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