Question About Nash Latkje

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Question About Nash Latkje

Post by JuveLeo »

Now I'd like to start off by saying that my Suikoden 3 and Nash Latkje knowledge is quite rusty, but isn't Nash supposed to be a highly skilled swordsman? His stats are decent at best in S3. I was just expecting much more from the man who supposedly defeated Seed and Culgan. Is he holding back for some odd reason during the second Fire Bringer war?
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Re: Question About Nash Latkje

Post by KingSpilly »

Iirc, he didn't defeat Seed and Culgan so much as he poisoned Seed before being defeated by Culgan, who then gets Seed out of there to presumably get medical help. Also, while the sword he used in that fight was extremely powerful, it causes him to lose control.
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Re: Question About Nash Latkje

Post by Raww Le Klueze »

Like mentioned, he doesn't really win, Culgan had his sword to Nash's neck but lets him go in exchange for the antidote to the poison that Seed got hit with.

He doesn't really fight with a sword unless it's Grosser Fluss and he avoid that because it makes him lose control, he skilled with it but it's not your typical swordman skill. The poison that coats the sword is also very potent so all he needs to typically do is get one hit in and it'll be over quickly afterwards.

Most of the time he fights with various methods, darts are a common one but he relies on trickery to avoid fights a lot.

It is weird though that his first game his subtitled Swordsman of Harmonia when he doesn't really use a sword unless forced to and those swords aren't really typical swords.
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Re: Question About Nash Latkje

Post by NashLatkje »

I like to subscribe to the theory is that he's just "older" and "lazy" 😊
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