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There are many weapons in the Genso Suikoden series. Some of them hold an important place within the game, and some are barely known and are quite unimportant. Due to the weapon system in Suikoden, each character has their own weapon throughout the game, and it does not as a rule ever change, except for a few important exceptions. Because of this, each weapon adds to the character of the person who wields it--sometimes humorous, sometimes sad. Some weapons have histories that can overshadow their characters.
Denta/Big Denta/Kamui
Characters: Kreutz/Genshu
Type: Two-Handed Sword
This curved sword is held by two different characters, but the name points to a mass-produced weapon. Denta is a name of a sword smith who lived in Japan during the Kamakura-era (12th century). This was back when Japanese swords were changing from the old straight bladed style to the commonly known curved "katana" style. Swords made by Denta were sort of in the middle, with a straight blade half way, and a curve towards the end. "Big Denta" is more of a mistranslation. Denta's actual name was "Daidenta-Tadamitsu." In the Japanese version of Suikoden, the 2nd sharpening level of this weapon was "Daidenta" which would literally translate to "Big Denta." However, because it is a name, it should have remained "Daidenta." "Kamui" on the other hand has nothing to do with Denta. It is actually a word that comes from the Ainu language (ethnic group in Northern Japan), which means many things, such as "deity," "bear," and "mountain."
Character: Miklotov
Type: One-Handed Sword
Dunceny is a one-handed sword used by Miklotov. Judging from how he holds it and due to the fact that he can not use shields, this sword is probably a hand-and-a-half sword, more commonly known as a bastard sword. He uses this weapon in one hand most of the time, but when he feels like using both hands, he is able to do so, adding additional force to the weapon. This sort of goes with Miklotov's passionate nature. The name of this sword came from a knight described in a book called "Bara-shisyuu no Kishi" (Rose-studded Knight). Murayama warns not to read the book because it really has nothing to do with Miklotov's character.
Character: Camille
Type: Spear
Camille's weapon is a spear with a cross-guard at the end, which makes it a very battle-oriented weapon. The spear head is leaf-shaped, which adds to the intimidation factor. The weapon's name comes from Norse Mythology. Garm is a hound that guards the path into Niflheim--the underworld. Fenrir is the giant wolf that has powers that surpass the gods, and Loki is the scheming Vanir god that triggers the end of the world (he is also Fenrir's father). All of these three mythological beings become the enemies of the gods during the Ragnarok (final battle). Perhaps Camille named her weapon based on these beings due to her job as a loan collector.
Grosser Fluss/Wiess/Schwarz
Character: Nash Latkje
Type: Dual Snake Sword
The Grosser Fluss is an odd weapon, it is basically a sword that is divided into multiple segments and connected with fine cords. The cords are thin but extremely durable.
Character: Lepant/Sheena
Type: One-Handed Sword
Kirinji is a treasured one-handed sword that belongs to Lepant. Kirinji means "Child of the Chi Rin." A "Chi Rin" (Kirin in Japanese) is a mythical beast in Chinese mythology, which is said to bring good luck (you can see pictures of these beings on Kirin beer cans if you ever see one). Lepant's star, the Tengou star, is called the "Jade Chi Rin" in the Shui Hu Chuan. That is probably why the sword is named after the Chi Rin. The sword itself is shaped like a flamberge sword, and would deliver painful wounds to enemies by acting like a saw. Its shape will allow both piercing and slashing attacks, so it is certainly a formidable weapon. Maintaining a sword with edges of such profile is not easy, as the edges will wear very fast. The material of this blade may be some form of wear-resistant alloy, which also may add to the reason why Lepant treasures it so. Lepant gave this sword to Sheena after he becomes the President of the Toran Republic.
Character: Humphrey Mintz
Type: Two-Handed Sword
These swords are named after swordsmiths who lived in Japan during various different eras (with the exception of Murasame). Masamune was a swordssmith who lived during the 13th century and worked for the government. Due to Japanese custom, a swordsmith was not allowed to etch his name on swords that were made for the government. For that reason, known Masamunes are very rare, and only two swords remain in the present day. Muramasa was a swordsmith who lived during the 14th century, and made extremely sharp edges. His swords gained an infamous reputation after various members of the ruling Tokugawa Shogunate suffered odd deaths to the various weapons of Muramasa, such as spears, katanas, and daggers. For that reason, the shogunate banned the possession of these weapons--the penalty was death. However, those who harbored secret resentment towards the shogunate treasured each of these sword as a "Tokugawa Slayer."
Murasame, on the other hand, is a sword used by one of the eight heroes of the "Nanso Satomi Hakkenden," a Japanese story written during the Edo Period (17th-19th century) which was affected by the Shui Hu Chuan.
The weapon used by Humphrey changes in shape between Suikoden 1 and 2, which is somewhat odd. There is no explanation for this, but the two weapons are almost completely dissimilar. In Suikoden 1, his sword was a curved, one-bladed sword, while in Suikoden 2 it is straight and double-bladed.
Character: Flik
Type: One-Handed Sword
Odessa is a one-handed sword used by Flik. Swords used in the Warrior's Village seems to have a very simple, yet effective design. The sword has no pommel and the hilt guard is small. The blade itself is straight and thin, making it an authentic long sword. The name of this sword comes from Flik's immortal beloved, but how ironic that the sword itself is designed simple with no frills.
Character:Freed Yamamoto
Type: One-Handed Sword
Raikomaru was a sword used by Douzan Saito, a Japanese military strategist during the 16th century. He served under Lord Shingen Takeda and was well known as a hardy warrior. However, he was paralysed from the time when he was struck by lightning. Story says that lightning struck him when he killed a "Raijin," a lightning-spirit, with his sword. Since then he called his sword "Raikomaru," and carried it with him in all battles." The sword itself was a katana by all standards, unlike the weapon used by Freed Yamamoto. The sword used by Freed has a straight blade instead.
Character: Tuta
Type: Long Range Weapon (Other)
Anthropologists agree that stones were one of the first weapons used by mankind aside from bananas (just kidding). However, the use of larger objects in battle such as rocks and boulders, came much later in history after the invention of siege engines. A single human-being hurling anything heavier than 1/50th of their body weight makes it impossible for the thrower to maintain any accuracy, thus, the "rock" and "boulder" thrown by Tuta is probably just a name that he gave to his stones.
Taia Sword
Character Viktor
Type: Two-Handed Sword
The Taia Sword was a common weapon in Chinese History. It simply means, "Large Sword." Traditionally it is not that long, but wide and curved. The sword Viktor uses is not curved, but it is huge. Viktor uses the sword as if he is swinging a golf club, which is unique. If you look at his posture, he holds his sword below his waist, leaving his body quite defenseless. This posture shows Viktor's confidence as well as his recklessness, and fits his personality very well. I wonder how many Taia Swords Viktor goes through after seeing the way he uses them!
Character: Hix
Type: One-Handed Sword
Tengaar is a one-handed sword used by Hix. Following the tradition of Warrior's Village swords, it is very simple in design. Hix's sword is somewhat shorter, making it a short sword. The particular sword he uses looks somewhat out of balance. Perhaps his moderate at best performance in battle is related to his weapon? The sword is named after Hix's beloved.
Character: Zaj/Thanatos Crawford
Type: Sword-Gun
Talgrund is a truly odd weapon. It is a sword with a gun attached to its hilt--the bullet comes out from the tip of the sword. Not only that, the blade of the sword can be shot off from the hilt as well. This is a horridly designed sword, to be honest. The ratio of the hilt to the blade is quite unbalanced, which should make this sword extremely difficult to use. Aside from the fact the gun seems to have infinite bullets, this weapon will definately require a lot of pratice to use. It should be a very heavy weapon as well, and the fact that Zaj uses this one-handed brings this weapon into the level of fairy-tales. The name of the weapon means "bottom of the valley" in old German. It probably refers to how this weapon can bring doom to the enemy (and their user...).
Character: Kirke/Lorelai
Type: Two-Handed Sword/Axe (Halberd)
This weapon has an odd history of completely changing its appearance between Suikoden 1 and 2. The only commonality is that Kirke (Circe would be the true translation) and Lorelai are both named after legendary witches of some sort, and its name, which is based on tarot cards. Kirke's weapon was an odd blade with a very long shaft, which makes it into a Bardiche of some sort (a type of axe), while Lorelai's weapon is blatantly a Halberd, and the two weapons look completely dissimilar. However, official sources comfirm that Kirke gave his weapon to Lorelai. This mystery will probably never be solved.
Character: Camus
Type: One-Handed Sword
Uriah is a one-handed sword used by Camus. This is a lightly adorned broadsword (broadswords are actually not that broad at all), which seems to be moreso designed for piercing attacks rather than slashing attacks. It is a stylish sword which reflects Camus' personality. The name "Uriah" is sometimes mistaken with the name of one of Muse's historical mayors, but the source is different. "Uriah" is supposed to come from a female character in one of Homer's poems...
Type: Long-Ranged Weapon (Gun)
Sturm is a legendary gun that belongs to the Howling Voice Guild. It has its own conscience and communicates through empathic means. Why this gun has such powers is a mystery, and is the Howling Voice Guild's deepest secret. The gun itself is long-barrelled and seems to be a rifle, fit for sharp-shooting. The name of this weapon is all German, meaning "Wind/Gust of wind/Storm."
Character: Rikimaru
Type: Two-Handed Sword
This weapon is a huge sword, which has a thick and wide blade which also lacks a cross guard. Such swords can only be seen in fantasy, because it would be too insanely heavy and unbalanced for practical use. The only way this weapon can be categorized would be "Super-sized Ginsu knife," or something ridiculous like that. The sword itself is named after an old Japanese legend. Minamoto no Yasutsuna was a famous demon hunter during the Heian era (9th-11th century). He used a sword called Onimaru, which actually still exists in Japan's national treasury. The sword itself bears a typical Heian-era sword, which is mostly straight with a slight curve towards the end. The name of the sword actually changed to Doujikiri after Yasutsuna defeated a demon called Syuten Douji. Doujikiri literally means, "Demon Slayer."