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A timeline of major events in the Suikoden world.
Suikoden Timeline
This list was compiled by Vector Xthonic through reading various Genso Suikoden publications. The information within is accurate to the best of our knowledge.
-2 - Harmonia Established
The Hero Hikusaak defeats the Kingdom of Aronia and establishes the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia.
0 - Harmonian Calendar
Hikusaak becomes High Priest and begins his theocratic rule. The Solar Year (In Solis) adopted.
20 - Warrior's Village Founded
The Paladin Klift founds the Warrior's Village. What Klift taught as the "Warrior's Philosophy" starts to be carried on.
70 - Gate Rune Clan Massacre
Harmonia massacres the Gate Rune Clan, Windy and Leknaat divide the Gate rune and flee.
78 - Blue Moon Rune Stolen
Neclord steals the Moon rune and flees from the Village of the Blue Moon.
80 - Great Contract
"The Great Contract" is issued between Kobolds, Dwarves, and Elves in the Great Forest to set boundaries between each group.
110 - Kingdom of Dunan Established
Kingdom of Dunan is established with Southwindow as its capital. The first King is Bernand.
150 - Village of Hidden Rune Destroyed
Windy attacks the Village of the Hidden Rune looking for the Souleater, but fails as the bearer of the Rune got rid of it before Windy stormed his house.
160 - Wilder Slays Vampire
Wilder, a rural noble in the Nameless Lands, becomes the first human to slay a vampire.
185 - Muse Established
The City of Muse is established based on the mayor system. The first mayor is Revier.
205: Births - Dowango
212 - Two River Established
A Senate and Congress is formed at Two River and starts to govern the surrounding area.
212 - Falenan New Capital Calendar
The capital of the Queendom of Falena is moved to Sol-Falena from Stormfist, and the Falenan New Capital Calendar is instituted as the official calendar in Falena, starting here at year 0.
230 - Scarlet Moon Empire Established
The Scarlet Moon Empire succeeds from Harmonia by taking advantage of internal conflict. The first emperor is Kranach Rugner. The Sovereign Rune becomes the Rugner family's heirloom.
237 - Highland Kingdom Established
Maroux Blight, who crushed the internal rebellion within Harmonia is granted his own land, and he establishes the Highland Kingdom.
238: Births - Joshua Levenheit
239: Births - Warlock
243: Births - Keen
244: Births - Bang
245: Births - Governor of El-Eal
249: Births - Glen Cott
250: Births - Vincent Vingerhut
251: Births - Konrad
252 - Southwindow Secedes
Rebellion within the Kingdom of Dunan. Highland invades Eastern South Window (currently under Muse's rule). The rebels win and South Window city is formed with a mayor as its leader.
257: Births - Setsu, Izak
259: Births - Pecola
260: Births - Gary
261: Births - Jango
262: Births - Ornan, Gareth, Oskar
263: Births - Ema, Lino, Igor
264: Births - Charlemagne, Oleg
266: Births - Manu, Gau (S4)
267: Births - Reinhold, Gunter
268: Births - Brec
270: Births - Nabokov, Pam, Martin
271: Births - Taisuke, Shiramine
272: Births - Dario, Kevin, Phil
273: Births - Troy, Karl
274: Births - Lo Seng, Mao
275: Births - Bartholomew, Helga, Miranda, Micky
276: Births - Selma, Ugetsu, Ramada, Rikie
278: Births - Peck, Lilon
279: Births - Kate, Trishtan, Ornela, Maxine, Yu
280 - Matilda Knights Established
To counter Highland's military strength, the Matilda Knights are formed with the financial support of Muse. Knights in surrounding areas join.
281: Births - Axel, Haruto, Perrault
282: Births - Travis, Hervey, Gretchen, Sigurd, Pablo
283: Births - Lo Fong, Aldo, Tal, Chadli
284: Births - Rachel
285: Births - Akaghi, Mizuki, Lilen, Etienne
286: Births - Ameria, Adrienne, Nalkul
287: Births - Paula, Tanya, Funghi, Flare, Carrie, Cedric
289: Births - Agnes, Mitsuba, Lo Hak, Keneth, Liloon
290: Births - Wendel, Champo, Basil (SIV), Nalleo, Rene
291: Births - Rita, Eugene, Jewel, Sigfried
292 - Obel Royal Entourage Ambushed
Kooluk attacks the Royal Entourage of Obel. The Queen of Obel bears the Rune of Punishment to stop this attack and succeeds, losing her life in the process. The crown prince of Obel is lost in this battle as well.
Births - Lilin
293: Births - Lilan
294 - Matilda Knights Become Independent
Matilda Knights gain independence from Muse Rule. Land Reform to eqalize the cost of land in the Matilda Knight's Land and the land that belonged to the knights in Muse is issued.
295: Births - Noah, Rakgi
298: Births - Corselia
299 - Human-Hunting, Border Village Destroyed
Following an episode of 'human-hunting' near the Scarlet Moon/Kooluk border, much of a village on that border is decimated by a bearer of the Rune of Punishment, a Scarlet Moon officer by the name of Graham Cray*. * - This is how it is understood by historians. The truth is Graham Cray's Son used the rune and died, his father gaining the rune shortly therafter.
302 - Island Liberation War Begins
Kooluk plans to expand southward into the Island Nations, and for the next five years will invade island after island. By the end of the war, Iluya will be destroyed, and most islands will have been under Kooluk control or influence at some point.
307 - Island Liberation War Ends
Fort El-Eal, the southern stronghold of the Kooluk Empire, is destroyed by forces from the Island Nations led by another bearer of the Punishment Rune (an orphan), and Kooluk pulls out of the region. The Island Nations Federation is formed, with Lino en Kuldes (previously the King of Obel) the first head of state.
309 - Kooluk Empire Dissolves
The Patriarchal Faction within the Kooluk Empire, lead by Iskas, attempts a coup, but is stopped by the son of a [Scarlet Moon Empire] spy, Kyril, with help from the heir to the throne, Corselia, as well as the Island Nations Federation. The Patriarchal Faction is thwarted, but not before the king fell to the plot. With the land in disarray, Corselia, now the heir to the throne, abdicates her right to it and dissolves the [Kooluk Empire].
314 - Jowstone Alliance Formed
Muse, South Window, Two River, and Matilda Knights form the Jowstone alliance. The name comes from the Jowstone Hill where the alliance was signed.
340 - Crowley and Mazus Duel
Crowley and Mazus have a magical duel, resulting in great destruction. (This is not an error!)
345: Births - Crowley
347 - Soniere Prison Completed
Soniere Prison is completed after years of prison labor.
349 - Godwins Take Over Stormfist
The Godwin aristocratic family takes control of the Falenan stronghold of Stormfist from the Aethelbald family.
362 - Grand Leaf Academy Built
The Grand Leaf Academy is built at Greenhill, which at this time belongs to Muse. Alen Wisemail is its originator.
364: Births - Geddoe
365 - L'Renouille Built
The Palace of L'Renouille is finished.
366 - Tinto Joins Jowstone Alliance
The self-governing Tinto Miners Guild becomes the core bureaucratic structure for the City of Tinto and joins the Jowstone Alliance.
370 - Scarleticia Completed
Scarleticia Castle is completed.
373 - Greenhill Gains Independence
Greenhill insists upon the "independence of higher learning." Uriah, the mayor of Muse approves this and Greenhill gains independence.
374: Births - Mazus
377: Births - Sairoh
378 - Greenhill Joins Jowstone Alliance
After all bureaucratic structures are moved to Greenhill, Greenhill is admitted entrance into the Jowstone Alliance.
379: Births - Talgeyl
383: Births - Alhazred
384: Births - Wyatt Lightfellow
385: Births - Abizboah, Salum Barows
388: Births - Hellion, Skald Egan
389: Births - Taki, Isato
391: Births - Raja
392 - Grand Leaf Reforms, Becomes New Leaf
Grand Leaf academy is reformed. The position of principal is no longer the heridetary right of the Wisemail family but is instead changed to a democratic election system. With this reform, the name of the academy is changed to New Leaf Academy.
393: Births - Rulodia
394: Births - Tenkou
395: Births - Fukien
398: Births - Silva, Mace, Jabba, Bahram Luger, Babbage
399: Births - Levi
401: Births - Kun To
402: Births - Murad
403: Births - Urda, Kamandol, Bastan, Onil
404: Births - Mohsen
405: Births - Boz Wilde, Craig Laden
406: Births - Barbarossa Rugner
407 - Moravia Completed
Moravia Castle completed.
407 - Fire Bringer War Begins
A Grasslander known as the Flame Champion begins a guerilla campaign against Harmonia with the help of his True Fire Rune and the Fire Bringer, a group of bandits he formed. Thusly the Fire Bringer War begins.
408: Births - Agares, Kai
409: Births - Logg, Zweig, Zorak, Granmeyer
411: Births - Haswar Falenas, Martha, Oboro
413: Births - Ferid Egan
415: Births - Teo McDohl, Kasim Hazil, Rubi, Volga
416: Births - Moose, Kessler, Gantetsu, Retso, Lepant
417 - Flame Champion Imprisoned
After ten years of war and some gains, the Flame Champion gives himself up to Harmonia in exchange for 5000 [Grassland] prisoners. In his absence, the Fire Bringer lose power over many villages they had concquered.
Births - Yahr, Ain Gide, Taylor
419: Births - Adlai, Marie, Cius, Lester, Stallion, Tetsu
420 - Zexen Established
Zexen Confederation and Knights are formed. Construction begins on Brass Castle.
421 - Flame Champion Escapes
The Fire Bringer break the Flame Champion out of Harmonian prison and help him regain his True Fire Rune. The war flares up again.
422 - Brass Castle Completed
Brass Castle is completed.
424 - True Fire Rune Devastates Grasslands
Harmonia escalates the Fire Bringer War by sending a large force into the Grasslands, but their army, along with that of the Fire Bringer, is mostly decimated by the massive explosion caused by the Flame Champion losing control of his rune.
425 - Fire Bringer War Ends
Harmonia signs a 50 year non-aggression pact with the Grasslands, ending the Fire Bringer War.
428 - Highland Invades Muse
King [Robert] Blight orders Han Cunningham, General of the Highland 1st army, to attack Jowstone. [Darrel], the Mayor of Muse, seeks asylum in South Window. Genkaku leads the left-over forces of Muse and starts guerilla tactics.
432 - Genkaku's Great Offensive
The Allied forces led by Genkaku goes on the "Great Offensive." Greenhill and [Matilda] is won back. Genkaku donates money to buy land in Two River for the Wingers who lost their home in Tinto.
434 - Highland Gains Kyaro
Genkaku and Han Cunningham initiate truce. However, fighting breaks out over a small land east of Highland. Genkaku and Han performs a duel, Genkaku loses, and is cast out of the Alliance.
437: Births - Shilo, Jess, Milia, Nicolas, Yoran, Morgan, Pico
438 - Falenan Succession War
The revered but aging Falenan Queen Olhazeta dies, leaving a vacant throne. This escalates the struggle between her daughters, Falzrahm and Shahrewar, for control of the throne. They each start to enlist the Nether's Gate assassin group to force the other into submission, killing many senators, nobles, and even the husbands of each princess.
439 - Falzrahm Ascends to Throne
Shahrewar gives up her right to the throne to Falzrahm, who assumes the throne of Falena. Her first act is to command the Nether's Gate to kill her sister, believing her capitulation simply another plot.
440: Births - Camille, Billy, Hallec, Sid, Hugo (S1)
441 - New Armes Invades Falena
Queen Falzrahm of Falena dies of natural causes. The New Armes Kingdom invades Falena after the new queen, Arshtat, takes the throne. However, they are driven back by the strategy and diplomacy of Arshtat, the Commander of the Queen's Knights, Ferid, and Lucretia Merces.
443 - Highland Royalty Kidnapped
A group of Highland Royalty marching close to the Highland border is attacked by a gang of ruffians. It is said these ruffians are rebels, but are later found to have been hired by [Darrel], the mayor of Muse. Agares Blight escaped safely, but Queen Sara and Prince Luca were taken hostage. Han Cunningham led a squad to defeat their captors, but not before Sara was raped by the ruffians.
446 - Succession Wars Begin
The Succession Wars break out between Barbarossa Rugner and Geil Rugner, who struggle for control over the Scarlet Moon Empire. Initially, Geil had the upper hand, but with the help of Leon Silverberg and the Six Great Generals, Barbarossa defeated Geil.
Births - Wakaba
447 - Tinto Invades Scarlet Moon
Tinto takes advantage of Scarlet Moon's civil war and attacks but Barbarossa, along with the Six Great Generals and Leon Silverberg, manages to beat them back.
447 - Lordlake Decimated
The people of Lordlake lodged a protest to Arshtat about a dam being built upriver from them. The Dawn Rune goes missing, and since the protest (now a mob) had gotten to the East Palace (where the Dawn Rune is held), it is assumed the mob took it. Arshtat, now bearing the Sun Rune, scorches the area of Lordlake with it, and has the head of Lordlake, Lord Rovere, executed, along with his family. Hatred Fortress is built by the order of Marscal Godwin, damming all water to Lordlake.
448 - Kalekka Incident
To stir up support for the war with Jowston, Imperial soldiers disguised as Jowston soldiers massacre the town of Kalekka. Vice-Strategist Mathiu Silverberg leaves the Imperial Army.
Births - Sasuke, Qlon, Yuiri
449 - Northwindow Destroyed
Northwindow is destroyed by Neclord.
449 - Sun Rune War
Arshtat is killed by the Queen's Knight Georg Prime, although this was actually the result of a coup by the Godwin faction. Lymsleia, her daughter, is crowned Queen, under the supervision of the Godwins. The Prince and the Queen's sister, Sialeeds, escaped the capital and regroup under the protection of Salum Barows in Rainwall, and form an army to depose the Godwins, now in complete control of the Falenan Army, beginning what is referred to on this site as the 'Sun Rune War'. The throne now pursues a 'Falena for Falenans' policy, involving the subjugation of various cultures like Raftfleet, and the extermination of demihumans. The various groups in Falena unite against the reigning Godwins, and they are deposed. Now in complete control, Queen Lymsleia abolishes the corrupt Senate and creates a parliament system, with representatives from each town, regardless of race.
Births - Connell, Mio, Shiba, Reed, Anne
451: Births - Ayame, Iku, Borus Redrum, Yuzu
452: Births - Watari, Shiro, Peggi, Albert
453 - Gate Rune Wars Begin
Odessa Silverberg forms the Liberation Army. The Gate Rune Wars (Liberation Wars) Start.
Births - Barts, Fred
455 - Liberation Army Reforms
The Rebel's Hideout at Lenankamp is attacked by the Imperial Army and the Liberation Army was destroyed. Odessa Silverberg dies in this attack. The Liberation Army is reformed soon at the "Old Fortress of Lake Toran" with the son of Teo McDohl as the leader.
456 - Jowstone Invades Scarlet Moon
By the strategy of Mathiu Silverberg, Tinto and South Window occupy the northern area (Senan) of the Scarlet Moon Empire.
Births - Landis
457 - Gate Rune Wars End, Toran Established
The son of Teo McDohl leads the Liberation Army to victory. The Scarlet Moon Empire is destroyed and the Toran Republic is formed. The first President is Lepant.
458 - Toran Attacks Jowstone
Toran Republic starts a campaign to regain the northern lands occupied by the armies of Tinto and South Window. Commander-in-Chief Kwanda Rossman along with Kasim Hazil and Sonya Schulen participates in this campaign. They push back South Window first and defeat Tinto as well. This causes friction between Tinto and South Window. Seeing this, Highland increases military activity around its border with Jowstone.
Births - Kathy, Gadget
459: Births - Mamie, Caesar Silverberg
460 - Dunan Unification War
Luca Blight invades Jowstone and the Dunan Unification Wars start. [Annabelle], the mayor of Muse is assassinated and Muse falls to Highland. Following that, South Window falls to Highland and mayor Granmeyer is executed. Remnants of Muse and South Window band together at the old Northwindow fortress with the ["Son of Genkaku":Riou] as their leader to resist further invasion by the Highland army, and gain victory over the Highland Kingdom. The regions of Jowstone and Highland, excluding Tinto, are united into the Republic of Dunan.
462: Births - Sanae, Rico
463: Births - Yun, Belle, Ernie, Cecile
464: Births - Melville, Kidd, Elliot, Alanis
470 - Zexen 50th Ball
50 year anniversary of the foundation of the Zexen Federation. A large celebration is thrown, where two prominent young women - Lilly Pendragon and Chris Lightfellow - get into a big fight, causing much amusement for all others in attendance.
Births - Shabon
471: Births - Ruby
472 - Higheast Rebellion
Harmonia incites an uprising within the Higheast region of Dunan, formerly known as Highland. In response to the attack, Shu, the prevailing strategist of the Dunan Unification War, incites a civil war within Harmonia. Harmonia withdraws from Dunan to quell the civil war, and Higheast remains a territory of Dunan.
474: Births - Kogoro, Kosanji, Koroku, Gadget Z, Koichi
475 - Second Fire Bringer War
The Lizard and Karaya Clans in the Grasslands ambush the Zexen Knights at a peace treaty negotiations at the Amur Plains following the Lizard Chief Zepon's murder, and fighting between the Grasslands and Zexen continues. Meanwhile, Harmonia attacks the Grasslands, capturing the Safir Clan and attempting to invade the Chisha Clan. In response, a young Grasslander boy named Hugo gains control of the True Fire Rune and becomes the new Flame Champion. After some hesitation, the Grasslands and the Zexen Knights are united under this new banner and the Second Fire Bringer War begins. The Fire Bringer suffer initial defeats but then drive the Harmonians under Bishop Sasarai from Brass Castle. Luc, another Harmonian Bishop, gains control of all five True Elemental Runes in an attempt to destroy his True Wind Rune, and Sasarai's Harmonian forces switch sides to help the Fire Bringer face Luc and his forces, who are soon defeated.