Timeline Events
Some important events that happened in history in this region: wars, political events, and anything else of note.
420 - Zexen Established
422 - Brass Castle Completed
470 - Zexen 50th Ball
475 - Second Fire Bringer War
A mercantilistic nation that used to be a part of Grassland, but seceded from Grassland to form a new nation 20 years prior to Suikoden III. Headed by an elected senate, trade and merchants are encouraged. Zexen has advanced further then the Grasslands, but they are regarded by Harmonia as little more then an offshoot of a Grassland tribe. The military forces of Zexen are separated into private teams managed by the Council, but the most well-known is the Knights of Zexen, headed by the majestic Six Knights.
On the eastern border of Zexen; Brass Castle is the destination of many caravans before heading east to Grassland or south to Tinto. Brass Castle is the frontier defensive line against Grassland, but it is a generally open and accessible city.
The capital of the Zexen Federation. It is a seaport, and the Council and the Knights of Zexen are based here. It is the center of commerce and diplomacy in the region.
A small farming village in Zexen, that is known for its friendly townsfolk, its windmills, and its annual fall harvest festival. During the Second Fire Bringer War, it is attacked by the Lizard Clan, but quickly rebuilt.
Owned by Master Thomas, the son of Durabum, one of the Zexen councilors, Budehec Castle is an old, run-down fort. Many castle masters have headed up this castle before, but they all ran away when they couldn't take the pressure. Budehec has a small population, but it is selected as the base of operations during the Second Fire Bringer War.
A cave north of Vinay del Zexay which leads up to a cliff with a magnificent view of the ocean. Its secluded location, yet easy access to important trade routes make it a prime location for bandits and thugs to base their operations from.
A forest connecting Vinay del Zexay to the rest of the country. It is oft-travelled, but bores the hell out of all its travellers with its lack of anything remotely scenic.
A small village in Zexen, unseen to players of the game. Children wander off from here into monster-ridden Mt. Hei-Tou because it is so boring.
Another vast plain, connecting many parts of Zexen with the Grasslands. Popular with gym instructors who need vast amounts of space to exercise.