Timeline Events
Some important events that happened in history in this region: wars, political events, and anything else of note.
Formerly the Scarlet Moon Empire, Emperor Barbarossa Rugner was ousted by rebels in the Gate Rune Wars in IS 457. The area is currently ruled by the Toran Republic.

The most noticeable feature in Toran is Lake Toran, a saltwater lake connected directly to the ocean through a wide channel to the Northwest. The entire region is surrounded by tall mountains to all directions other than the Northwest, Northeast, and Southeast. However, the vast Karakas desert and the "badlands" lie Northwest, the great ocean to the Northeast, and the vast Moran Forest to the Southwest, which keeps this region relatively isolated. Toran is also known to have a native species of reptilian draft animals called "Gul-horses" which are often used in the cavalry of armies in Toran.