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Dunan : Muse

Population: 13000
Industry: Commerce, Trade

Muse is the largest city among the Jowston Alliance, and is a center of trade. The city existed from before the formation of the Jowston Alliance. Muse beat back attacks led by Maroux Blight of Highland nearly 200 years ago by the bravery of General Jowston. This was the reason for the naming of Jowston Hill and the Jowston Alliance. Since the formation of the Jowston Alliance, the conference hall at the summit of Jowston Hill has been the symbol of unity between the allied city-states.

During the Jowston-Highland war, in the year 434, Jowston Hill was the place of truce between Mayor Darrel and King Agares Blight of Highland. The two nations decided to end the conflict by a duel between their respective heroes, Genkaku and Han Cunningham. Han Cunningham won the duel, which resulted in Kyaro belonging to the Highland Kingdom.

Since then, the office of mayor passed to Darel's daughter, Anabelle. However, the Highland Kingdom increased its aggression against Jowston starting around the year 460. The very same year, Highland attacked Muse, resulting in severe defeat and the death of Annabelle. The defeat of Jowston's leader devastated the unity of the Alliance, and resulted in Highland having easy victories over Greenhill and Southwindow. However, due to the newly formed Allied Army, Muse was eventually taken back.

However, soldiers who returned to Muse often had no family waiting for them due to Luca Blight sacrificing many of the citizens to the Beast Rune. Due to this massive sacrifice, Muse's population decreased by two-thirds by the end of the war.

Blue Moon's comment:
One of the things that saddened me the most in Suikoden is when I was told that Milian, the owner of Muse's Armory, was killed by Highland due to Luca's mad sacrifice. After the war her sister, Melia, takes care of the shop.