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Scarlet Moon/Toran : Dwarf Village

Population: 3200
Industry: Weapons, Armor, Metals

The short but hardy dwarves live in this village. Due to the altitude, the area is pretty cold. The dwarves mine various ores from the mountains surrounding the area and use these to forge metals and metal works. The Dwarves make a living by trading these with Elves and Kobolds, but the trading itself is usually done by the few humans that live in the Great Forest. The dwarves also made armor and weapons from the abundant iron ore and sold them to the Scarlet Moon Empire. Thus, much of the strength of the Imperial Army could be credited to the superior arms forged by the dwarves. There are many famous craftsmen in dwarven history, but the most famous is Dowango. He was an expert as silver smithing, and the "silver feather" that he made is said to have floated in mid-air. The architecture in this village is unique, featuring a curved, circular roof with designs, and the house itself is cylindrical with round glass windows.

Blue Moon's comment:
Technology galore! With such technology, the dwarves should be ruling the world... I mean, the windfire cannon, burning mirror, fire spears, and other apocalyptical weaponry... How can this be possible?