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Scarlet Moon/Toran : Antei

Population: 6300
Industry: Trade

This flower-filled town was once called "Bier Blanche" due to Milich Oppenheimer's poilcy, but after the Gate Rune Wars, they went back to the old name. This town thrives on trade, and various specialists have their shops opened on the streets. The inn is spacious and always filled with travelers. Rose Brooches are a common souvenir for tourists. The buildings have ivory-white walls, which made Milich name this town "Bier Blanche."

Blue Moon's comment:
A town with serious child-labor issues. A 10 year old boy guards the gate while a 14 year-old girl dances can-can on stage--old men eagerly staring from below the stage. The Rune master barely wears any clothes, and those who make a living by forging documents and fabricating fake seals live as normal citizens. Strange women con jewelry from naive travellers, and strange men on the street ask to borrow money. You can't judge a town by its looks.