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Dunan : Two River

Population: 9000

The name of the city comes from the fact that this city is built on the two branches of Lana River. The city is divided into three sections--the kobold side, winger side, and human side. Each section is governed by separate branches of the city government, and the standard of living varies greatly among these three sections.

The kobolds function mainly as a military force, while the wingers are simply stratified and discriminated against due to their short history in Two River and for their strange customs. The human section of the city is well-developed, with the Wakaba-inn being known for its excellent service.

The city has a well developed sewer system which runs under all sections of the city. However, it is infested with hostile monsters.

Blue Moon's comment:
The sophisticated sewer system boggles my mind--and it runs under two huge rivers!