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Scarlet Moon/Toran : Great Forest Village

Population: 1200

The Great Forest Village is the only entry-point into Moran Forest and towards Southeast Toran. The "Forest of Illusion" has prohibited anyone from entering the forest for centuries, but the passage has become passable after the destruction of Lukiae Ende Towayo (Village of the Elves). The houses here have similar roofing to other houses in the Gouran area, but the houses are made from wood, making the interior cool during the summer. The item shop here has an incomplete second floor, but many travelers often try to go up their and wonder what secret lies there--when it fact there is none.

Blue Moon's comment:
YOU CAN'T GO UPSTAIRS IN THE JAPANESE VERION!!!! There, I said it! Also, what a boring name! I mean, if a city is located besides a salt lake, would you be so unoriginal to call it Salt Lake City?