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Scarlet Moon/Toran : Gregminster

Population: 19000
Industry: Arts, Ceramics, Wine

Gregminster is the largest city in Toran. In the same location stood Harmonia's Holy City of Rupanda, but after the rise of the Scarlet Moon Empire, Kranach Rugner renamed it Gregminster. Since then, Gregminster remained to be the political and bureaucratic center of the Scarlet Moon Empire.

Gregminster was actually destroyed during the Succession War (IS 446) by the forces of Geil Rugner, but the "Golden Emperor" Barbarossa Rugner rebuilt the city to new heights. The capital city has been the house of many high officials of the Scarlet Moon Empire. Coupled with the long history of this city, people who live here tend to have a certain elitism over the rest of Toran. The bulk of the economy at Gregminster comes from mercantilism, and Gregminster is known mainly for its art and ceramics. This is all due to Barbarossa's policy of protecting and nurturing art and culture. The architecture of the city reflects this, and all houses are built with ivory-colored walls and and contrasting red doors.

In the middle of the city stands the "Golden Goddess" statue. This statue was made by the renowned artist, Basil. It is said that the statue is a mirror image of Barbarossa's late emperess, Claudia.

Political corruption led to the Liberation Movement, and the Scarlet Moon Empire perished after 230 years of prosperity, but Gregminster remains to be the capital city-- now of the Toran Republic.

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