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ST1 Cover

Suikoden Tierkreis

In a different universe from the main series but the same 'Infinity', a group of warriors discover mysterious 'Chronicles' that grant strange memories and powerful abilities called the 'Mark of the Stars' as they gather to defy the Order of the One True Way.

Platform: Nintendo DS
Medium: 1 cartridge
Memory File: -
Data Transfer: -
Release Data: Japan 2008-12-18
USA 2009-03-17
Europe 2009-03-13
The staff at Suikosource have created many guides to help you through Suikoden Tierkreis. Almost any information you might want to know about the game is listed here.
A Trading Post Guide program for Suikoden Tierkreis as an attractive and interactive alternative to the typical guides.
A complete walkthrough of the game. Special thanks go to Cyril for allowing us to use her walkthrough.