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Listing of all armor sets and their effects, including effects and locations of the individual pieces.

Potch: Lists the value of the item which equates to the purchase price.
Shop/Rare: Item can be bought at the listed location.

Classic Set

Blue Jacket999024HP +10Shop: Dwarf Camp
Rare: Rainwall, Raftfleet
Bandage501Shop: Stormfist
Treasure: Stormfist
Long Boots50007Evade +2Shop: Raftfleet
Area Boss: Huge Legs
Strength Sash50000ATK +1Shop: Raftfleet
Set BonusHP +10
ATK +5

Destiny Set

Crown of Destiny14HP +10Treasure: Sable
Win: Armes/Childerich Pursuit Campaign (Inftry/Spear)
Robe of Destiny38HP +10Treasure: Ceras Lake Ruins, Ship Graveyard
Armband of Destiny15HP +10Win: The Recapture/Final Defense Campaign (Archer)
Anklets of Destiny3HP +10Treasure: Lelcar, Underground Ruins
Cape of Destiny8HP +10Treasure: Twilight Forest Ruins
Win: Lelcar/Lordlake Defense Campaign (Lindwurm Cavalry/Cavalry)
Set BonusHP +50
20% chance of revival

Fish Set

Fish Head10Water DEF +1Win: Fishing, random catch
Fish Body18Water DEF +1Win: Fishing, random catch
Fish Fins6Water ATK +1Win: Fishing, random catch
Fish Tail Fin12Water ATK +1Win: Fishing, random catch
Fish Badge0MDEF +5Shop: Raftfleet
Set BonusWater affinity is S

Guardian Set

Guardian Casque20MDEF +10Treasure: Lelcar
Guardian Chain69MDEF +10Treasure: Doraat
Win: Lelcar Campaign (Victory+), Dragon Horse Race: Intermediate - 1st place (only once)
Guardian Gloves17MDEF +10Treasure: Twilight Ruins
Win: New Queen's Campaign (Archer)
Guardian Boots10MDEF +10Win: Rainwall Defense Campaign (Victory+)
Guardian Scarf0MDEF +10Treasure: Ceras Lake Ruins
Win: Doraat Siege Campaign (Victory+)
Set BonusMDEF +10

Pale Moon Set

Pale Moon Casque26Dark +1Treasure: Doorat
Pale Moon Leather69Dark +1Win: Dragon Horse Race: Advanced - 1st place (only once)
Pale Moon Gloves15Dark +1Treasure: Ranro Mountain
Win: Doraat Siege (ComShp)
Pale Moon Boots15Dark +1Treasure: Ship Graveyard, Port Spinacks
Pale Moon Necklace0Dark +1Treasure: Gordius
Pale Moon Beads0Dark +1Treasure: Waterfall Basin
Set BonusRecover 10% HP each turn

Prosperity Set

Prosperity Hat11Potch from battle +10%Treasure: Underground Ruins
Prosperity Tunic55Potch from battle +10%Treasure: Underground Ruins
Prosperity Armband7Potch from battle +10%Treasure: Baska Mine
Prosperity Sandals3Potch from battle +10%Treasure: Yashuna Village
Prosperity Ring52000Potch from battle +10%Shop: Hershville Naval Base
Set BonusPotch from battle is doubled
Note: The bonus overrides the effects of other potch-increasing equipment. If the bonus is not active (meaning 1 character doesn't have the full Prosperity Set), your prosperity equipment effects stack!

Samurai Set

Minamoto Helmet2500014ATK +1
Shop: Estrise
Rare: Raftleet (Southern Wharf, before HQ)
Taira Armor53HP +10
ATK +2
Treasure: Ranro Mountain, Ship Graveyard
Fujiwara Gauntlets30ATK +3
Treasure: Twilight Forest Ruins
Win: Sol Falena Siege 1 (Cavalry)
Tachibana Greaves34ATK +1
Evade +3
Boss: Girtablulu
Win: Sol Falena Siege Campaign 1 (Cavalry)>
Set BonusCritical Hit +10%
Double Critical +10%

Sun Set

Sun Helm50Sun ATK +1
All stats +1
Treasure: Ashtwal Mountains Ruins
Sun Armor110Sun ATK +1
All stats +1
Treasure: Ashtwal Mountains Ruins
Sun Gloves32Sun ATK +1
All stats +1
Treasure: Ashtwal Mountains Ruins
Sun Boots32Sun ATK +1
All stats +1
Treasure: Ashtwal Mountains Ruins
Sun Ring0Sun ATK +1
All stats +1
Treasure: Sun Palace (after liberation)
Set BonusPrince only: all stats +5

Windspun Set

Windspun Helm48Wind DEF +1
Evade +2
Treasure: Godwin Castle
Windspun Armor225000100Wind DEF +1
Evade +2
Shop: Sol-Falena (after liberation)
Rare: Nirva (after Doraat Siege Campaign), Yashuna (after Doraat Siege Campaign), Hershville Naval Base
Area Boss: Nemesis
Windspun Gauntlets35Wind ATK +1
Evade +2
Treasure: Godwin Castle
Windspun Greaves36Wind ATK +1
Evade +2
Treasure: Godwin Castle
Windspun Cape0Wind ATK +1
Evade +2
Treasure: West Palace
Win: Armes/Childerich Pursuit Campaign (Victory+)
Windspun Ring0Wind DEF +1
Evade +2
Treasure: Treasure: Undeground Ruins, West Palace
Set BonusSPD penalty from equipment canceled
in other words, SPD+34