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This list of Suikoden 5 guides is small right now, but it will be filled with lots of useful information.
The locations and prices of all available antiques.
A full list with all pieces of armor, along with their stats and sources.
Listing of all armor sets and their effects, including effects and locations of the individual pieces.
A guide to all of the scenes in the bath.
The bestiary is a listing of where all of the enemies in the game can be found, their stats, attributes and their dropped items.
The duel guide is a list of what the characters you are duelling might say, and the actions that they will perform.
Complete list of the ending lines for all characters.
Formation and attack range information. Suikoden V introduces the ability to use different formations that alter stats and positioning as well as special Formation Skills.
A list of the initial equipment and runes for all characters.
A list of the Magic Points received upon reaching a certain MAG stat.
The locations and prices of the various items not classified as antiques or armor.
Complete guide to all of Oboro's Investigations.
Complete texts of all the Old Books and where they can be found in the game.
An exhaustive database of all available runes in the game. This guide also makes note of any non-playable runes mentioned in the game.
A list of the available rune slots and what level they open up for all characters.
List of Unite attacks in Suikoden V.
Guide to war units.
The strengths and names of each weapon as you sharpen them.