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This is a complete list of all of the Stars of Destiny (recruitable characters) in Suikoden 3. It details where they're found and how to get them.

Highlighted characters are optional and will not join you automatically. The H, C, G, and T headings say the first chapter in which each character can recruit the Star. All Stars can be recruited in Chapters 4 and 5.

 NameStarHCGTHow to Recruit
1HugoTensyo1   You control Hugo during Hugo's chapters.
2ChrisTenbi 1  You control Chris during Chris' chapters.
3GeddoeTenjyu  1 You control Geddoe during Geddoe's chapters.
4ThomasTenkai   1You control Thomas during Thomas' chapters. If you do not play his chapters, he will be automatically recruited in Chapter 4.
5Sgt. JoeTenko1   Auto joins during Hugo 1.
6FubarTenku1   Auto joins during Hugo 1.
7LeoChisyu 1  Auto joins during Chris 1.
8PercivalChisyu 1  Auto joins during Chris 1.
9BorusChimou 1  Auto joins during Chris 1.
10SalomeTenki 1  Auto joins during Chris 1.
11RolandChiin 1  Auto joins during Chris 1.
12LouisChisyu 1  Auto joins during Chris 1.
13QueenTenson  1 Auto joins during Geddoe 1.
14JokerChitai  1 Auto joins during Geddoe 1.
15AceTenhei  1 Auto joins during Geddoe 1.
16JacquesChisin  1 Auto joins during Geddoe 1.
17AilaTeni  1 Auto joins during Geddoe 1, after Karaya Village.
18CecileTentai   1Auto joins during Thomas 1.
19SebastianChihi   1Auto joins during Thomas 1.
20PiccoloChiken   1Auto joins during Thomas 1.
21JuanTenman   1Auto joins during Thomas 1.
22MarthaChizen   1Auto joins during Thomas 1.
23MutoChison   1Auto joins during Thomas 1.
24EikeChisui   1Auto joins during Thomas 1.
25ShizuChisou   1Auto joins at the end of Thomas 1.
26BillyChisyu3211Place an S statue (Hex Doll S, Knight Status S, etc.) in the statue room on the 2nd floor of Budehuc castle. Leave, re-enter, and win a game of Goppu with Billy. (Save first!)
27MioChirei 2 1Speak to Mio and Tuta on the second floor of Iksay's inn.
 NameStarHCGTHow to Recruit
28WatariChirei 2 1Find him behind a house on the right side of Iksay. Pay him 100,000 potch.
29MelChiku 2 1Speak to her outside of Iksay's inn.
30GordonChikou 2 1Bring one of the following parties to Iksay's item shop: an all-male party, your main character and Augustine, or Chris plus whomever.
31PeggiChiko3311Give Peggi a Hammer. He is located in the Blacksmith Shop in Great Hollow.
32TwaikinChibun3311Take the southeaster exit in the main Great Hollow room, follow the path, and speak to the dwarf in the next room. Then, say "Nothing" to the guard. Then ask him to join.
33KorokuChima3211At Mt. Hei Tou, take the first left, then the next left. Speak to the dog hiding on the left side of the screen.
34ScottTenbou3211Speak to Scott on the left side of Brass Castle, then sell him a Deer Antler (from a trading post).
35JeaneChiketsu3211Go to Brass Castle's rune shop and ask her to join.
36BelleChikei3211Get a Screw from a monster in Amur Plains. Give it to her, then ask her to join.
37Gadget ZChisyun3211Joins with Belle.
38ArthurChiyou3431Must have completed Hugo Chapter 1. Speak to him in the Mess Hall at Brass Castle. Examine the big oven in the kitchen. Go through the path. If you are using Hugo, just tell him the truth.
39ErnieTenkoku3211Speak to her in Brass Castle's Education Center. Answer all of her questions correctly.
40GoroChiretsu3231Speak to him in the Zexen Forest with someone in your party who has the Appraisal skill.
41MelvilleTenken3211Must have completed Hugo Chapter 1. Speak to him in the Loa Knights' alley in Vinay Del Zexay after you have recruited Billy.
42ElliotTenhai3211Joins with Melville.
43AlanisTenzai3311Speak to her in front of the fountain at Great Hollow with Melville and Elliot in your party.
44NeiChigaku3211After seeing Guillaume chasing Shabon, speak to her on the screen to the right of the Guild Hall in Vinay Del Zexay. Defeat Guillaume in front of the Guild Hall and invite her trio to the castle.
45ToppoChian3211Joins with Nei.
46ShabonChiyu3211Joins with Nei.
47DominicChiyu3211Found in the Armor Shop of Vinay del Zexay; buy the Mole Armor from him.
48AugustineChichin 2 1Speak to him with the Rose Brooch in your inventory.
49AyameChikyou 2 1Speak to Watari after recruiting him until you see a scene of North Cavern, then bring Watari to the end of the North Cavern. Watari must defeat her in a duel.
50KiddChiyu3331Talk to him at Duck Village's Inn. Assist him in his case.
51KathyChisatsu3331Speak to her at Amur Plains North. Tell her how many horses she has.
52KenjiChihi3211Must have Kathy recruited. Find him in Yaza Plains exercising. Exercise with him, and then ask for a glass of water.
53Sanae YChikei3331After recruiting at least 50 Stars, resolve her conflict at the Duck Village.
54Hortez VIIChikou33  Speak to him at Duck Village, Chisha Village and then Caleria. Speak to him in Duck Village again, and give him the wrong directions.
 NameStarHCGTHow to Recruit
55NadirChisei33  Speak to him on the top floor of Caleria's Inn with 3 men, 2 women, and 1 child in your active party (support doesn't count).
56MikeChisu331 Speak to him in Caleria's Trade Post and win 20,000 at Kabu.
57EdgeTenan  2 Fight him in a duel outside Le Buque's Rune Shop/Education Center.
58BartsChitou 2 2Next to Iksay's windmill, give him a Grapes item from a trading post(not Grape Seeds). You can buy Grapes C in Vinay Del Zexay's trading post.
59MamieChizou333 Upstairs in Duck Village's appraisal shop, give her a Crab Rice Bowl.
60LandisChido33  In Kuput Forest: Leave one slot in your active party open and walk around the middle intersection in the second screen from the Duck Village entrace/exit. He'll just appear in your party without notice. This may take a while.
61Wan-FuChiman33  Talk to him downstairs from Chisha's Item Shop. Pay 3000 potch for his food.
62GuillaumeChizoku3   After stopping him from chasing Shabon, beat him in a duel in front of the Sindar Gate in the Ancient Highway.
63EmilyChiaku33  Bring a party with more than 600 combined STR to Chisha's Tavern. Beat her at arm-wrestling.
64EstellaTenkyu 3  After the events at Alma Kinan, speak to her at Alma Kinan's Inn. Agree to help her. Speak to a girl at Alma Kinan's ceremonial site, and then speak to Estella again.
65RodyChimou 3  Joins with Estella.
66MuaChisatsu3   Auto joins during Hugo 3.
67HallecTensatsu3   Auto joins during Hugo 3.
68NashTensoku 2  Auto joins during Chris 2.
69FredChii 3  Auto joins during Chris 3.
70RicoChiei 3  Auto joins during Chris 3.
71YunTensyo 3  Auto joins during Chris 3.
72CaesarTenki    Auto joins during Chapter 4.
73AppleChifuku    Auto Joins during Chapter 4.
74LillyChikyu    Auto joins during Chapter 4.
75SamusChiyu    Auto joins during Chapter 4.
76ReedChisa    Auto joins during Chapter 4.
77AnneChisou    Auto Joins during Chapter 4.
78JimbaTenfu    Auto Joins during Chapter 4.
79LuciaTeni    Auto Joins during Chapter 4.
80LuceChiin    Auto Joins during Chapter 4.
81BeechumChijiku    Auto Joins during Chapter 4.
 NameStarHCGTHow to Recruit
82TutaChijyu    Ch 4: Bring Mio to Chisha. Go to the underground portion of the village and talk to Tuta in the middle room.
83RhettChikaku    After Thomas offers his castle for the allied forces, speak to him at Duck Village with Sgt. Joe in your party.
84WilderChitan    Joins with Rhett.
84Koichin/a    After recruiting Koroku and your Flame Champion moves into Budehuc, find him in Northern Cavern (second hallway screen from entrance).
84Connien/a    After recruiting Koichi, find her in the Great Hollow monster area (the hallway that Geddoe did not access in his Chapter 1).
84Kosanjin/a    After recruiting Connie, find him in the Mt. Senai (hanging off the edge of the open deadend area).
84Kogoron/a    After recruiting Kosanji, find him in the Sindar Ruins within Ancient Highway (from the entrance, make a left then an immediate left to a dead end, his tail is visible in the upper right corner of the area).
85FutchChibi    After Thomas offers his castle for the allied forces, speak to him on the Mountain Path to Caleria. Agree to help him find Sharon. Chase Sharon around Caleria, and he will join.
86BrightChikyou    Joins with Futch.
87SharonChii    Joins with Futch.
88DupaTenyu    Auto Joins during Chapter 4.
89ShibaTenmou    Auto Joins during Chapter 4.
90BazbaTenritsu    Auto Joins during Chapter 4.
91JeffersonChibou    After Thomas offers his castle for the cause, if you have more than 70 Stars, attempt to exit or enter Budehuc with neither Juan nor Cecile in your party.
92VikiChibin    After your Flame Champion moves into Budehuc, enter the Mountain Path from Karaya Village. Let her stay at Budehuc.
93Viki (Young)Chisoku    Enter the Mountain Path from Karaya Village with Viki in the party. Let her stay at Budehuc.
94YuiriTenei    Auto Joins during Chapter 5.
95YumiTenyu    Auto Joins during Chapter 5.
96DukeChikatsu    Joins during Geddoe Chapter 5 if you don't run away.
97GauChikai    Joins during Geddoe Chapter 5 if you don't run away.
98NicolasChiri    Joins during Geddoe Chapter 5 if you don't run away.
99ElaineChimei    Joins during Geddoe Chapter 5 if you don't run away.
100FranzTenrou    Joins during Geddoe Chapter 5 if you don't run away.
101RubyChihei    Joins during Geddoe Chapter 5 if you don't run away.
102IkuTensui    Joins during Geddoe Chapter 5 if you don't run away.
103SasaraiTengou    Auto Joins during Chapter 5.
104DiosTenkou    Auto Joins during Chapter 5.
105LucTenkan    Auto Joins during Chapter 6. You must have all other stars recruited.
106SarahChizen    Auto Joins during Chapter 6. You must have all other stars recruited.
107AlbertChikai    Auto Joins during Chapter 6. You must have all other stars recruited.
108YuberTenyu    Auto Joins during Chapter 6. You must have all other stars recruited.