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The self-proclaimed ninja that lurks about Suikosource and its forums. Due to horrible internet downtime in her dorm one day, by leeching off the animation trailer computer lab connection, she rediscovered Suikoden in the form of Genso Suikogaiden volume 1's opening animation. *_*; Hence she has kept up to date with Suikoden info when possible, aside from the occasional infiltrations of HowlingGuild's house. ^-^

She has resided in Los Angeles for the majority of her life, and would very much like to go to Japan although fears her head may explode from the sheer amount of STUFF they have there. Despite having a BA in animation, she works not at a studio, but hopes to perhaps work for a game company or something doing character designs. Maybe even manga. Mmm... manga.

Although a resident artist, she has been incredibly lax of late with Suikoden art. Bad ninja! Bad!! Aside from drawing and doodling on hapless pieces of paper and/or napkins, HnK also likes to play video games (well DU~~H) and MUCK/RP on-line. It's where she's developed most of her alter-personas. :D Prone to get hyper without aid of sugar. Also has the habit to shout "potato!" just to confuse people.

Top 5 Favorite Games

  • Rakugaki Showtime
  • Guilty Gear Series
  • Grandia (Original Saturn Ver.)
  • Guardian Heroes
  • Fire Emblem - Rekka no Ken

Favorite Character
Nash Latkje, Yuber (and I DON't know WHY!! @o@;;)

All art by Harmonia no Kenshi

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