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Artist from Malaysia, he's known for his obnoxiousity and jerkosity. Likes to look at girls and mock his friends. Likes to play jokes on them that may or may not hurt them, but he could care less, cos he's such a jerk. In his spare time, he draws in hopes that his drawing one day will bring him closer to the True Rune of Darkness, because he's just pure evil.

He likes to look at Chris and Queen in Suikoden 3 and curses Konami for not showing the characters in the bath house. He thinks that Alma Kinan is the best town Konami ever made for Suikoden series because it's full of babes in mini-skirts.

And from this profile, girls should know that he is not someone you want to be close with or alone with.

Oh, it doesn't help that his name Eisu is a Japanese phoenetical for Ace.

Top 5 Favorite Games

  • Dead or Alive XTreme Beach Volleyball
  • Capcom vs SNK 2
  • Disgaea
  • Final Fantasy Tactics
  • Guilty Gear XX

Favorite Character
Queen and Chris

All art by Eisu

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