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Shadra D doesn't consider herself an artist so much as someone who loves to draw.. and specifically, loves to draw Suikoden. She loves the concept of Harmonia and the culture itself is fascinating. She intends to make a webpage at some point focusing solely on Harmonia, its history, and the True Runes and Sindar science that Hikusaak seems so obsessed with.

She enjoys writing in-depth theories and speculations on some Suikoden subjects, including runic theory, the Sindar, the theology of the Suikoden world, and other such generally pointless drivel.
She currently lives in southern California.

Top 4 Favorite Games

  • Ecco the Dolphin
  • Final Fantasy X
  • .hack
  • Ragnarok Online

Favorite Character
In order: Sasarai, Luc, Gremio, Nash.

All art by ShadraD

Euram Barrows     Estella     Leknaat     Bon Bons     Hugo     Odessa     HAPPY DAY AFTER VALENTINE'S DAY! WAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!     Child of the Circle Temple     Luc     Sasarai     Luc     Sasarai     Sasuke     Luc and Sasarai     Flame Champion     Riou     Futch     Sarah     Soda Twins     Thomas     Sasarai