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A filipina, born and living in Hong Kong all her life. Currently looking for jobs whichever are available and is still a big chicken about it. She has graduated highschool in 2001 and all that free time was spent on studying Suikoden and her love for the series grew stronger than Final Fantasy. (A convert, YAY!)

She enjoys drawing whatever comes to mind, reading novels written by John Saul and eager to learn anything (though most of the time lazy to start with >P), playing and replaying Final Fantasy and Suikoden games. When time slows down on her, she'd change layouts of her website when it is not even necessary.

Currently looking for work to get her own PS2, PSP, a HUGE flatscreen TV, brand new computer parts and Intuos3 tablet!!

Top 5 Favorite Games

  • Xenogears
  • Final Fantasy VI
  • Final Fantasy IX
  • Tenchu
  • Tales of Destiny

Favorite Character
Viktor(♥), Hix, Nanami, Kika, Ted, Aldo, Rita (gotta love her cute way of fighting and her minigame!)

All art by Midori

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