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Bittersweet Homecoming

It was the first idea of a scene that popped into my head when I was asked to do this. I wanted to depict the prince of Sol Falena feeling uncertain as their ship sets out for home after his trip to Lordlake (or however it is you spell it). Rion stands loyally by, offering her silent support and company. The prince is probably sorting through what exactly he'll report to his mother regarding Lordlake's dried out status. I'd be more specific if I could, but the twenty minutes they gave us to play was mostly dialogue and didn't get that deep into the intro. That and my translating skills are almost nill. Still, it was perty. :D

Now that I think about it, the inside cabin is probably waaaay off, but oh well. I didn't recall how fancy the little dinghy looked on the outside, but that wasn't the part I was focusing on anyway! XD I decided to keep the lines sketchy (cuz I got lazy- err) because I didn't want to mess it up trying to go over it again with a thicker line. Decided to go with digital acrylics instead of watercolor this time... and played around a whoooole mess with filters. And remember kids, layers are your friends! :D

- Harmonia no Kenshi