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Star: Chihei

Origin: Unknown

Events: Events of Tierkreis


Born: N/A

Death: N/A

A sharpshooter for the Beflar Agency in Ritterschild, Busche serves directly under Captain Geschutz. He follows the Captain to the Magedom, hoping to reclaim the Chronicle of Fierce Regalia, which originally belonged to Ritterschild. Posing as Mage Arts students, they made a request to the Hero’s Company to tour the Academy, but were quickly discovered and left.

Soon, a request from Ritterschild came to cooperate with the Company. The Order was starting to gain influence in the nation, despite being across the ocean, and the current powers did not want that to happen, even if that meant putting off getting the Chronicle of Fierce Regalia. Busche joined with his Captain when the Hero accepted them.

Busche is quiet and stoic, rarely saying much of anything. However, Tsaubern managed to tickle Busche, which made him so angry he fired when a door opened without even checking his target. After the war ends, Busche returns to Ritterschild, where the Halnish family takes a great interest in him and makes him captain of their house’s guard. - Matt620