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Star: Tensatsu

Origin: Unknown

Events: Events of Tierkreis


Born: N/A

Death: N/A

A rugged adventurer, Bosche has been traveling his whole life, born on the road with his adventuring parents, and thus, Bosche doesn't know his nationality. While in the Noslaw Woods, he chanced upon the lady-in-waiting, Lathilda, and was enchanted by her beauty. She moved him so much that she asked her to marry him. Lathilda at first refused, claiming that her life had no value, but Bosche responded if that was the case, she could give it to him easily. They were soon married. Bosche is very proud of his wife, and only laments that people donít come to the Noslaw Woods so he can brag about her. When the Hero comes to the Woods and delivers Lathilda the news that her home was free, Bosche accompanied her home. After seeing how happy it made her, Bosche resolved to fight and keep Pharamond free, so that Lathilda can always be happy.

Soon after the Order is defeated, Bosche resumes adventuring with Lathilda. They have five children together. - Matt620