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Star: Tensyo

Origin: New Armes Kingdom

Events: Sun Rune War

Position: Gladiator

Born: IS 418

Death: N/A

Born in a nomadic tribe that traverses the land regardless of borders, Zegai is technically from Armes since that was where he was when born, although he left that country before he was old enough to walk.

Zegai was arrested for looking "shady" when he crossed Falena's border accidentally on a hunt. It took 100 soldiers to bring him down. This impressed Lord Barows, who took him in as a gladiator. He was used as Euram's champion in the Sacred Games. Georg was immediately impressed with the gladiator, noting that Zegai seemed neither overconfident about his reach, nor cautious about letting enemies too close, like most spearmen.

Zegai was disqualified from the Games when, supposedly, Armes informants were talking to him about killing the Queen. However, in truth, those informants were merely talking to Zegai. He did not arrange for their presence, but they did not give him a chance to excuse himself. However, when it came out that Zegai was from Armes, all believed he was a conspirator, and he was sentenced to death.

However, Sialeeds pieces together the story and Ferid intervenes to save Zegai, on the pretext of having the Queen's Knights take him into custody. Zegai is instrumental in the Godwin coup, as he is able to fend off Dolph enough for the Prince and Sialeeds to get away. He accompanies the Prince to Lunas and then to Barows's territory, but declines to go to Rainwall, as, having officially desgraced Lord Barows for being disqualified, he would not be welcome there.

Zegai makes his living hunting near Lunas when he runs into the Prince again, who has now left Barows's camp. The Prince asks for his help again, and Zegai accepts.

Zegai is known for applying quotes about weapons to real life. Urda is confused as to how Zegai could enter the elven roads despite being a human, which she cannot fathom.

After the war, Zegai returns to his old life, exterminating large beasts in the woods near Lunas. - Matt 620 (articles), Basel (image)