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Star: Tenjyu

Origin: Island Nations

Events: Sun Rune War

Position: Vice-Captain

Born: IS 429

Death: N/A

Vice-Captain of the Lino En Kuldes, flagship of the Island Nations Federation Fleet, Bernadette Egan is the youngest daughter of Skald Egan. Bernadette is a calm, capable soldier who joins with the Prince as the official representative of the Island Nations. Bernadette has seven brothers and sisters, who vary in fields from soldiers, to shipping agents, to former Commanders of the Queen's Knights of Falena. Yes, unbeknownst to many, including his children, Ferid is one of her brothers, making Bernadette the aunt of Queen Lymsleia and the Prince.

Bernadette is known to be a quick thinker and thinks of clever strategies. When pirates threaten to burn down a lighthouse, she quick advises for a pincer attack. When pirates hold a boy hostage, she thinks of using Chisato's vocal talents to dupe the pirates. - Matt620 (article), Basel (image)