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Star: Chihei

Origin: Unknown

Events: Island Liberation War, Fall of Kooluk

Position: Mercenary

Born: IS 279

Death: N/A

Maxine is a quiet woman, adept at magic, whose mercenary services were acquired by Ramada, then working for Kooluk, to duel Lazlo in various places in an effort to defeat him. She continually failed, and gave up after Ramada himself defected to Lazlo's side. Eventually, she met up with Lazlo again in the newly liberated Razril, and offered her services to him. She helped him fight the Kooluk, but then disappeared after the war was over.

While staying on the Hermitage Island, Maxine received a letter from Ramada instructing her to accompany Kyril on his incursion into Kooluk, a task to which she obliged. - KoRnholio