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Star: Chibi

Origin: Unknown

Events: Events of Tierkreis


Born: N/A

Death: N/A

The servant and bodyguard to Prince Shams, Taj is often sent by the Prince to perform tasks that he wishes to keep secret.

Taj came from a very noble family, who plotted against Danash and were executed. Taj was to be given the same treatment, but Shams risked his own life to save Tajís, and thus, Taj feels indebted to the Prince and performs any task for him, even defying orders.

Taj first meets the Hero in El-Qaral, where he brings the Hero to Shams to speak about Manaril, as well as preventing the Hero from obtaining the suffering Manaril through use of force, as it would look like Shams ordered the attack. He then summons the Hero again when he is about to leave the Magedom, so Shams can request that the Hero rescue Manaril.

Taj is with Shams when the 10th fusion occurs, and does not disappear with the rest of the Magedom. He still serves Shams, albeit Shams is now King of Salsabil, with no knowledge of the Magedom. When Shams decides he will join the Company, Taj accompanies him to the desert, where the group is attacked by Dirk. Taj immediately offers to deal with the archivist. When Dirk points out that Taj is slowing them down because he is not a Starbearer, the Hero remarks that Taj may not be one, but he fights to protect Shams, and for no other reason. After Dirk departs, Taj asks to accompany Shams to the castle. Shams agrees.

At the castle, the Hero brings Taj the Chronicle, but Shams states that, even if Taj is not a Starbearer, he will explain the truth to him. However, Taj reacts to the Chronicle, and is overjoyed to finally understand what plagues his lord. He then joins the company.

After the One King falls, Taj becomes Captain of the Salsabil Royal Guards. - Matt620