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Star: N/A

Origin: Kyaro

Events: Highland-Jowston War

Position: Hero

Born: N/A

Death: IS 458

Genkaku was a hero during the Highland-Jowston War which happened about 20 years before the Dunan Unification War. He led a small number of troops to capture Highland's supply base after Muse was beaten badly, and then led the entire Muse army against Highland. This caused the two forces to enter a stalemate that would be decided by a duel between him and his good friend, [Han Cunningham]. Genkaku realized that his sword had been tainted with poison and lost because he refused to attack, then was cast out of the Jowston Alliance and lived out his life at Kyaro. There he adopted two war orphans, Nanami and Riou.

At some point after the Highland-Jowston War, he and Han sealed their respective runes, the Bright Shield Rune and Black Sword Rune, in a cave in Toto. - Blue Moon