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Star: N/A

Origin: Kooluk

Events: Fall of Kooluk

Position: Patriarchal Faction Leader

Born: N/A

Death: IS 309

Iskas is the clever, charming and scheming leader of the Kooluk Patriarchal Faction. Angered at how the Patriarchal Faction does most of the work in the country, and yet cannot hold any real power (simply because of the fact that they possess no royal blood), decides to plan a sophisticated coup d'etat, and gain power for himself.

He is able to discover the ability of a modified rune cannon to transform anybody who comes near it into a fish monster, unable to revert back to human form. So he seeks out rune cannons wherever he can find them, masquerading as an arms dealer, procuring them from anybody willing to sell. This is how in Middleport he first meets Kyril, who asks him about rune cannons. Iskas acts like a clueless fop who is as curious about their function as Kyril is, and feigns to help him out. However, he doesn't wish to waste much time in the Island Nations, and soon heads back to Kooluk.

Another part of his plan is, after killing Emperor Julius and Prince Martin, to 'serve' under the Crown Princess Corselia as her regent for a time, which he would accomplish by kidnapping her. To that end, he successfully seduces her mother, Miranda, but fails in kidnapping Corselia herself at the Caleron Laboratory - as Kyril resurfaces, and stops him.

Now seeing that Corselia will not willingly lead Kyril's side, he frames him for her 'kidnapping', and gets the royal family to pursue Kyril while he can quietly pursue his goals. Hoping to get Kyril to coem to him, he leads him on throughout the Empire, hoping for an opportunity to get at Corselia.

At Graska, he finally carries out his plan, and turns Martin and Julius into fish monsters, who both soon die. Kyril and his party show up, however, and Iskas retreats to the Secret Patriarchal Facility to meet Kyril at the final battle.

When Kyril and Corselia arrive at the site, Miranda, who had been quietly at Iskas' side all this time, had finally had enough of his true nature, and betrayed him by running a sword through him. He was able to survive the attack, however, and killed her in retaliation, in front of Corselia.

Iskas proceeded to fight Kyril and his entourage, losing once, then showing his power to transform himself into a giant fish monster, before beign defeated again. The facility soon collapsed, and his body lay beneath the ruins. - KoRnholio