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Star: Chikai

Origin: Gregminster

Events: Succession Wars, Kalekka Incident, Scarlet Moon-Jowston War, Gate Rune Wars, Dunan Unification War

Position: Strategist

Born: IS 412

Death: N/A

Leon Silverberg is one of the most well known strategists in the world. He brought victory to Barbarossa during the Succession War and the Scarlet Moon-Jowston War that followed. During the Scarlet Moon-Jowston War, Leon orchestrated the Kalekka Incident in order to legitimize Scarlet Moon's war against Jowston. After the victory in the war, Leon gradually pulled himself away from the limelight, and took residence at Kalekka, which still laid in ruins. He kept on living at Kalekka until the end of the Gate Rune Wars when Mathiu Silverberg, his nephew, asked him to join when attacking the fortress of Shasarazade.

After the Gate Rune Wars, he went back to Kalekka, but after three years he became Jowy Atreides' strategist and orchestrated the death of Luca Blight. His strategic skill was more apparent when trying to defeat Highland from within rather than when fighting against the Allied Army. He stayed until the end at the castle of L'Renouille to keep the Beast Rune sealed until those capable of destroying it came by. Some speculate that it was Leon's plan to bring Highland down from within by using Jowy Atreides, due to the destructiveness of Luca Blight and the Beast Rune. After escaping L'Renouille, his whereabouts are unknown.

He has one known child, a son named George. - Blue Moon

Gameplay Information for Suikoden

How to Recruit: Speak to him in the house at Kalekka. He will mention how impressive the Liberation Army has become. Speak to Mathiu at HQ and receive a letter. Deliver the letter to Leon.
Note: If you wish to resurrect Gremio, this is the latest time you can recruit Leon-- receive the letter either the night before the mission at Moravia Castle or before the first major battle with Sonya Shulen's Army. Receiving the letter by the latter method will require you to make delivery immediately after the major battle at Shasarazade, before moving close to the entrance of Shasarazde's dungeon area.