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Star: N/A

Origin: Gate Rune Village

Events: Destruction of the Village of the Hidden Rune, Destruction of the Village of the Gate Rune Clan, Des

Position: Court Magician

Born: N/A

Death: N/A

Windy was born in the Village of the Gate Rune Clan. However, her village was destroyed by Harmonia. Windy and Leknaat, who were sisters (all members of the village called each other brothers or sisters), separated the Gate Rune and fled. This incident made Windy realize that power is the only thing that could bring justice and she started to actively find ways to increase her power by acquiring other True Runes. Soon she gained two loyal subordinates, Yuber and Neclord--also owners of True Runes--and destroyed the Village of the Hidden Rune and the Village of the Lycanthropes in the process, but was unable to find True Runes during her search. In the end, she was able to befriend Barbarossa Rugner due to Windy's resemblance to Barbarossa's former wife, Claudia. Windy manipulated Barbarossa in order to find and acquire True Runes. It is a mystery why she didn't try to take Barbarossa's Sovereign Rune, but perhaps that is due to the Sovereign Rune's anti-magic nature.

During the Gate Rune Wars, she was able to locate the Souleater on Ted and tried to take it but was met with resistance. She was finally able to arrest Ted, but Ted had already given the Souleater to Tir. Since then, Windy tried whatever she could to gain the Souleater, but ultimately, even the Souleater rejects her. At the final confrontation after Barbarossa was defeated, Windy tried to flee, but Barbarossa uses his Sovereign Rune to null her magical powers. Barbarossa leapt from the balcony with Windy in his arms and since then, she is said to have died. However, the Front Gate Rune still remains missing - Blue Moon