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Star: N/A

Origin: Kooluk

Events: Island Liberation War

Position: Governor

Born: IS 245

Death: IS 307

The Governor of El-Eal served the Kooluk Empire and headed its southern expansion plans from the fort, using his generals Troy and Colton to successfully attack island after island, who made the first part of the Island Liberation War go well for the Empire.

However, he was an aging man, and was manipulated behind the scenes by Graham Cray, the head of the Cray Trading Company, eventually even being removed from power due to Cray's plotting, and secretly put in the dungeons below El-Eal. The explanation given to his comrades by Cray was that he was 'under the weather'. Troy and Colton thought this was fishy, and looked into his disappearance, but were otherwise occupied by the war, which had turned in favor of the Islanders.

Eventually, however, the Governor was found by Ramada (whose boss, Elenor Silverberg, had heard of his disappearance, and sent him to investigate) in the prison, who was shocked that he was there left to die by [Cray:Graham Cray]. The Governor gave Ramada a letter and a map of El-Eal (which the Islanders used to attack the fort), and died shortly thereafter. - Oppenheimer